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Simplify the complex and challenging tasks of the logistics and transportation industry and give your fleets and teams seamless access to your critical business information, anytime and anywhere.
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What is Logistic Software?

Logistic software is a revolutionary management solution that aims to solve the tedious tasks of the logistics and transportation industry. It is a flexible and fully integrated web solution that helps the users to automate the scheduling process, shipping and mailing process, and also allows the businesses to expedite mass mailing.With the help of our custom logistic software, you can efficiently streamline the working operations of the logistics and transportation industry and can seamlessly enhance your fleet management operations. Our expert software solutions provide smart AI, and cloud computing services to help your logistics and transportation business flourish in the global arena.

Our Custom Logistic & Transportation Software Solutions


Fleet Management

Leverage our fleet management solution to roll out your fleet on the roads with more ease and efficiency. Utilize powerful and user-friendly functionality of the fleet management software to get accurate and effective tracking details of your vehicles.

GPS Map Integration and Geo Fencing

WLAN, GPRS, and middleware solution

Barcode Scanning, and Sign Capturing

Fuel Logs

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Warehouse Management

Build success for your logistics and transportation business with flexible and cost-effective warehousing management solutions that provide you critical insights over your inventory and help you to efficiently manage your distribution and delivery strategies.

Transparent Warehousing

Seamless Data Access

Powerful Integrations

Accurate Service-Charge Calculation

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Freight Brokers Software

Handle your air and sea freight transports efficiently and more conveniently with our expertly crafted, simple, efficient and powerful freight brokers software. Make your brokering process more simplified and robust with our custom functionalities.

Reduced Paperwork

Business Intelligence

Dispatch Management

Automated Invoices

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Transportation Software

A unique and brilliantly crafted transport management software to help the businesses plan, control, and track their vehicles and efficiently manage their transport planning, freight billing and other statistical evaluations.

Transport Planning

Order Entry and Calculations

Rights Management

Fully Integrated Telematics

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Inventory Management Software

Powerful and easy-to-use inventory management software to keep you updated about your inventory levels and to help you eliminate the stock-out conditions. You can track almost everything and can make clever business decisions.

Transportation Allowances

Sales Metrics

Inventory Tracking and Monitoring

Store Management

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Vehicle Tracking System

Cost-effective and powerful vehicle tracking system to give you every little detail about your driver, vehicle, and many other important parameters. You can know the real-time status of your vehicle with the driver’s details.

Automated Tour Structure

Panic Button Alert

Fleet Alarms

Driver Management

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How can our custom software benefit you?

Discover a wide range of benefits of our Logistics and Transportation Software that helps to grow your business.


Benefits for Customer

Easy Digital Transactions

Data Management

Easy Information Access

User-friendly Modules

Attractive Activities

Better Vehicle Control

Streamlined Communication

High-security Standards

Reduced Delivery Time

Remote Monitoring


Benefits for Service Provider

Seamless Data Flow

Point-of-care Coordination

Real-time Communication

Better Customer Service

Improved Efficiency

Better Accessibility

High Visibility

Reduced Transport Expenses

Low Maintenance Cost

Direct Business Management

Powerful and Industry-specific Software Services

Leverage our extensive range of custom software services to help you build success for your logistics and transportation business.

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We deal in all types of software solutions and mobile app development that are related to the logistics and transportation industry.

Yes, our expert and certified development team helps you to build custom Logistics & Transportation apps/software solutions specially designed for startups and SMEs. We have worked with hundreds of startups and understand their specific requirements.

We have qualified QA Engineers who ensure a bug-free and error-free software development. Moreover, we test our products every two weeks and include your feedback to make your product according to your expectations.

Yes, definitely! We always welcome new and innovative ideas from users. You can discuss your ideas with our development team to get a clear picture about the feasibility of the concept.

Matellio provides certified project managers, who have been working in this domain for many years from now. We will assign your project to an experienced project manager, who is going to oversee all the aspects of your project and make sure that all quality and efficiency related to your expectations are met entirely.

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