6 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Website Design

Updated on Mar 1st, 2023

6 Things you’re doing wrong with your website design

Of course, we know that website design is challenging to master, especially when it comes to creating a design that boosts transitions, pulls in customers or brings forth revenues. That’s the reason why many businesses, companies and organizations suffer and struggle. Your website should be appealing, but at the same time, you need to make sure that it generates revenues as well. But you know what? When visitors land on your page, you have almost 5-7 seconds to grab their attention before they decide to look for any new listings on google. I believe, here only most of the businesses mistaken, focusing on designs to look way more attractive, rather than maximizing their transition rates. These mistakes are problematic as well as they cause a lot of damage. Although fixing the mistakes would require efforts, but actually, it is not rocket science. Moreover, with consistent effort, you can dramatically gain the amount of traffic, leads, and sales your website produces.

Here are 6 of the most common mistakes made when designing website

1. Not Having A Responsive Design
2. Not a mobile-friendly website
3. Not Enough Calls to Action
4. Font Sizes are not User-Friendly
5. Focusing On Your Business Rather Than The Customers
6. Not Focusing On SEO Keywords

1. Not Having A Responsive Design

According to Google, responsive web design is the essential feature, for a website to rank high. People have become busy, and mobile devices, are now mini-computers for us as we carry them everywhere we go.  So think before creating a web design, because, approximately 60-65% of people view and visit your websites through their mobile devices. So, of course, you need to take care, that your website is optimized to be daily readable on any device. For instance, Your website should have built-in functionality, to automatically adjust to the smaller browsers, and can fit the format of the device.Remember, your web designs can make or break your company’s goals. Try and make it easy for visitors to navigate it. 

2. Not a Mobile-Friendly Website

While designing your website, you need to remember that mobile-friendliness matters. According to a survey, people said that even if they are attracted to the business, they’ll use them less if the particular website is not mobile-friendly. Though we are aware of the fact that if users don’t find what they’re looking for, they’d quickly switch to another site. Need and speed should be a priority. And of course, we know that users won’t stick to a site or app for longer if it doesn’t satisfy their needs. So a user-friendly website is a must.

3. Not Enough Calls to Action

The main aim of creating a webpage is that when the visitors land on a page, they should be able to find the information they are looking for. You’re mistaken if you are leaving your customer confused. The call to action, also abbreviated as (CTA’s) guide your visitors to navigate your website easily. It’s very essential to have knowledge of the goal of your website. Before you build your website make sure that navigation and CTA’s are placed right. Your website should be able to collect the links of your target audience and market visitors to catch them after they’ve left your website. The CTA’s plays an important role, so they should be strategically placed while you design your website,

4. Font Sizes are not User-Friendly

Users often find themselves squinting while reading the texts, lines or paragraphs. It isn’t ideal. And if you see the majority of the users plain don’t have time for that nonsense. There’s no better time to take a look at your web strategy than right now, and any common web design mistakes can be corrected with thoughts and efforts. The target is both clients and customers. Through text, that’s too difficult to read is one of the most common flaws that any website design has. Body text should be above 14px and compatible and reader-friendly across device types and at small sizes. If the customer still has to squint while reading the book or a paragraph, its time for you to have a word with your web-designer. 

5. Focusing On Your Business Rather Than The Customers 

As we can see, there are many businesses, focusing on content, but they have forgotten to focus on the reason why visitors have landed on their page in the first place. The content should focus on your visitor’s desires, goals, and frustrations as well. After all, the bitter truth is, visitors don’t want to know about your business, all they care about themselves, their problems, and whether you can solve that.  So, the best way is to show your visitors, you understand their problems, this proves that your content is centered around your visitors.   

6. Not Focusing On SEO Keywords 

Many people have heard and overwhelmed by the thought of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You see, good reserach on SEO can help you ensure proper placement of keywords, throughout the website, headings and metadata. Google, YouTube, Pinterest can help you to identify the keywords; you think your visitors may be searching for to find you. And it’s advisable, after identifying the keywords, you need to use them consistently throughout the website. Additionally, proper research on SEO would be worthwhile. It can not only make your website rank high but also will lead to an increase the visitors landing on your website. This has to be intact. And if there are no keywords available, the visitors could leave the page or lose interest.


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