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Client's Profile

The client is one of the leading entrepreneur in the US managing big businesses as per industry standards. He approached Matellio with the vision to provide a comprehensive payroll management system for white label business tactics. The app is an approach to benefit enterprise level companies to manage their payroll system effortlessly while meeting the following business standards:... See More

  • To provide an easy system from employees and HR to view, edit and update information.
  • To generate various kinds of reports at different user levels
  • To create a responsive web and mobile application for all their payroll requirements.
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Project Profile

Phoenix Time & Expense is a web and mobile payroll management reporting tool operating as an indispensable part of human resources. The purpose behind the app is to prepare an organized database for employees to input their data on the allotted timesheet for Project Managers and HR team to review later on. The solution works on an automated system where all required data gets imported to the internal system via. SAP framework for the salary to get generated. Options like Approving Manager, Recent Changes, Submitted, Approved/Rejected, Time, Overtime, Paid Tine are featured for related managerial demands. Expense receipts can also be uploaded/downloaded and the complete timesheet can be modified after submission.

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Technology Stack

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Industry Introduction

Payroll Management System is an integral part of every organization as it plays an indispensable role in protecting the company's reputation. It takes care of the total amount of money that an organization pays to its employees. Time and expense management fall under this category and requires a great deal of work. Due to the growing popularity of database management applications, businesses from big to medium scale are swiftly approaching software development professionals to automate this process and get apps developed according to their business requirements.

Key Expectations

  • Accessible only by major profiles viz. HR, Project Manager, Employee and Admin.
  • To be able to work on operating model report, timesheet report and expense report.
  • To take care of all company specific tracking.
  • Use of SAP framework to login only through the id and password generated by HR.
  • To be able to copy previously submitted timesheets, download/upload reports in PDF/xls formats.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully met the crucial design requirements of the client which led to transfer of the entire development to Matellio.
  • Fulfilment of strict timeline constraints while development.
  • Systematic approach to complex reporting.
  • Use of highcharts JS to make excellent user interface interactive charts.
  • Expected graphical representation of hour overview, expense overview, weekly timesheet submitted by employees on the web portal.