Payroll Software
Simplify your HR operations, sace costs and time, and stay in compliance with federal, state and local payroll regulations via powerful and cost-effective custom payroll software.

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is an easy-to-use accounting tool that aims to tackle and simplify all aspects of payroll management. It automates and speeds up the payroll process of your organization while enabling the managers to customize paychecks for employees easily. It also makes tax filing more comfortable and efficiently customize and suits your business desires. Our effective payroll software ensures that your employees are paid accurately and consistently, keeping them satisfied and allows your HR manager to focus on other vital areas of your business.

Accurate Payslips

Automate Tasks

Data Security

Tax Updates

Top Key Features of Payroll Software

Explore an extensive range of valuable features that makes payroll software a useful tool for businesses.


Employee Panel

Leave Management

Offers each employee to track their working hours and allows them to submit leave claims so that managers can monitor leave balance and take it into wage calculations.

Reimbursement Claims

The employees can easily apply for various reimbursement claims such as medical, housing, transportation, etc. using this intuitive module.

Payroll Compliance

It offers employees to seamlessly access the system and keep all their data such as payroll history, pay stubs, W-2 forms, etc. at their fingertips.

Keeps Track of Earnings

The employees can manage their total earnings by carefully calculating the working hours, deducting the exact amount of tax, and calculating overtime pay if present.

Admin Panel

Payroll Management

It allows the company to customize or change the payroll calculations and ensure timely payment of all employees via their preferred mode of payment.

Compensation Management

Easily handles all the direct or indirect payments of employees, including their compensation, cost of living, bonuses, etc. in regards to the work they perform.

Tax Management

Reduces the tedious work and human errors by automated tax calculations and automatic filing, ensuring timely payments of taxes without incurring penalties.

Integrated Accounting

It helps your business to quickly post all the payroll entries and different sub-heads of payroll management to your general ledger without using much time.


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Frequently Asked Question

You don’t need anything except a web browser and a good internet connection to run our custom payroll software at your organization.

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The cost of payroll software depends upon multiple factors like features, tech stack, development team, and more. For an accurate estimate of the cost to develop payroll software, reach out to our team to share the requirements.

Similar to the cost, time estimation to develop a custom payroll software depends on the factors mentioned above. You can share your requirements with our expert business analyst team and book your free consultation. In addition to estimating your idea, our experts help you analyze its feasibility, determine the areas of improvement, and help you deploy a solution for your organization that's best-in-class.

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