About Brideside

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Brideside is an innovative e-commerce platform that brings you a wide curated collection of bridal party dresses and accessories. Fully operating on the motto of delivering best client experience, this platform allows you access to trending and amazing products while introducing you to the world of expert knowledge and personalized care. By keeping 'Content-to-Commerce' at the heart of its business model, this E-commerce website developed in Shopify allows brides, bridesmaids and the groom-side to browse and purchase their wedding dresses, gifts, and accessories. Users can search through the pool of varieties, save products for viewing in future, track orders and interact with the assigned stylists, all through the same platform.

Industry Introduction

The world of e-commerce has indeed come of age. It no more refers to a simple listing of products that can be shopped online. Competition is becoming increasingly global, and focus is shifting towards delivering an ever-enhanced user-experience. Companies are constantly improving the aesthetics of their shopping platform, making it feature-loaded and more and more personalized for every visiting shopper, keeping convenience-to-purchase at the center of everything.

Technology Stack

Language... PHP, SalesForce, HTML 5, Rails, JS, JSON, JQuery
Framework... Cakephp, Shopify
Database... MySQL, MongoDB