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Kudoz is a platform that helps businesses leverage the power of "word of mouth marketing". It fosters referral marketing wherein users can browse through the businesses and recommend the favorite ones to their contacts. Every successful referral wins the referrer and his contact reward points, which they can spend on the business. With Kudoz, business representatives can carry out dedicated marketing campaigns. It also features a chat system that allows users to communicate with business representatives. Kudoz, therefore, fosters a network of customers and businesses which drives profit for both.

Industry Introduction

Word of Mouth marketing is seeding a conversation that encourages people to talk about your products with their friends, family, and social media contacts. In ever-competitive marketing and rising cost of acquisition, the tools enabling such marketing tactics offer you with an out of the box way to make your brand reach out to the audience. They help you generate online reviews and foster a great brand credibility that serves in a long run.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: Angular JS ( Web) , Swift (iOS ), JAVA ( Android)
Framework: CakePHP
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Xcode and Android Studiio
Web Services: Rest API
Server: AWS
Others: QR Code Generate/ Scan