About Ready for Social

Social media

Ready for Social is an amazing social media management tool. It offers an innovative new way to schedule your post across social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. This interactive mobile app makes on-the-go social sharing much easier by allowing the registered users to create and publish texts, images, videos, and much more through an easy to use interface. In addition, users can also benefit with this mobile application by getting updated view of their Twitter newsfeed. With Ready for Social, users are exposed to an all new fun way to share their thoughts not only across social platforms but also with people on RFS as well.

Industry Introduction

Power of social media can never be ignored in today's era. Not only does it help to connect the world better, but also benefits businesses in multiple ways. One of the most amazing examples come in the form of social selling. Leveraging the power of social networks, social selling is continually evolving to help business explore right prospects and thus, achieve the sales goals. With this sales technique, business are relishing better sales lead generation eliminating the many limitations. Not only this, social selling helps the businesses to foster better corporate relationships and build a strong reputation for themselves.

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript, PHP, Swift (iOS), Java (Android)
Framework: CakePHP
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Xcode and Android Studio
Web Services: REST Api
Payment Gatway: Stripe
Server: AWS
Others: SSL