Materials on Demand

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On-Demand Plumbing Material Ecommerce Platform 

Project Introduction

Materials on Demand is an online eCommerce platform to connect customers and suppliers. There are four different user types on the platform, including admin, two types of suppliers, and user(customers). The web and mobile apps facilitate selling and shopping for plumbing materials online.
Authority to mark deliveries, payment authorizations, and inventory management makes the platform stand out from the rest. Sellers can list as business suppliers or member suppliers based on their requirements. Users can shop for small as well as big orders through the intuitive apps we built.

Industry Brief

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Website and Mobile App Development

Plumbing is essential around the world for almost the most basic amenities. A platform like Materials on Demand explores the eCommerce space specific to plumbing. While it may seem niche from afar, the trades and shopping done for facilitating plumbing are certainly in the millions. The industry is growing further as demand for plumbing increases and reaches the farthest corner, increasing the demand and utility of an eCommerce platform like Materials on Demand.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web and Mobile App Development for Materials on Demand

Multiple Users

The apps support four different kinds of users with specific features allotted to each.

Inventory Management

Sellers can unlock inventory management features as they get approved.

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