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Our industrial internet of things solutions aims to provide a near-perfect automated environment to help your business work much more efficiently and thrive. You can choose between a range of IoT development services, and consult with our experts. We help you build solutions that can improve your key processes and business operations.

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    Industry Wide Improvements Through IIoT Services

    We leverage our vetted IIoT developers to create solutions that last. The efficiency increase resulting from the solutions will let you gain enough RoI to strive forward faster. Industrial IoT can revolutionize your business practices in multiple ways and increase business efficiency to reduce costs and machine failures. We can also model your entire factory so that you can have complete control over everything in a user-friendly way. We cater to over 10 industries, and create custom solutions using IIoT for each of them.
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    Optimizing Machine Utilization

    Breakdowns happen when you overutilize machines; IIoT devices can help predict optimal levels.

    Predicting & Preventing Failures

    Failures can cost when happening unexpectedly; predict those to prevent fatal failures.

    Improving Machine Performance

    Modern machines aren’t supposed to be cranked to the highest setting; achieving maximum performance through IIoT.

    Reducing Maintenance Costs

    The solution we create helps reduce breakdowns, wear and tear, and depreciation automatically.

    Use Cases of Industrial IoT

    Explore various real-life use cases to ensure maximum improvements and benefits of implementing IIoT.
    Predictive Quality

    Quality analysis comes first for almost every industry, and the industrial internet of things helps maintain it to the maximum. A range of devices and software can be customized to assist QA.

    Asset Condition Monitoring

    A ton of investment goes into building assets for different purposes, and IoT can help extend their workability and reduce depreciation. A custom algorithm can be created to optimize usage and extend life.

    Predictive Maintenance

    For the majority of enterprises, major costs can be saved through predictive maintenance. We help create solutions that can reduce outages and downtimes to nada by predicting and interpreting patterns.

    Efficiency Management

    Reduce the overall machine deprecation with real-time condition monitoring-based efficiency reports. You can remap and re-calibrate devices to achieve maximum performance while increasing machine life.

    Confused About How to Make the Best of Your Investment in IoT?

    Our team of experts will help you with IoT consulting services that fit like a glove with your business needs!

    Industrial IoT Solutions Matellio Provides

    Explore our top IoT consulting and development services and leverage our expertise to build the perfect solution for all your business requirements.

    Asset Tracking

    Asset tracking is the newest technology to track and access mobile assets. With industries expanding their units in all directions, it is a must-have solution for anyone having any kind of mobile assets.
    • Real-time Tracking 
    • Geo-location 
    • Environment Monitoring 
    • Device Lock 

    Inventory Management

    With the types of products and their quantities increasing, the impending need for smarter inventory management solutions has come. Our software helps you track 100s of thousands of products using IIoT solutions.
    • Supply-Demand Tracking 
    • Computational Vision 
    • Smart Shelves 
    • Warehouse Mapping 

    Equipment Monitoring and Management

    One of the most popular IIoT solutions for manufacturers is custom equipment monitoring and management tool. We create the tools ground up, integrated with the IoT devices you plan to use in your space.
    • Custom Integration 
    • Centralized Control 
    • Device Monitoring 
    • Real-time Status 

    Condition Monitoring

    Monitoring a machine’s real-time working conditions can make a difference in how we imagine manufacturing. Industries use tons of different machine which needs condition monitoring to ascertain maximum yield.
    • Efficiency Improvement 
    • Device Monitoring 
    • Wear-Tear Detection 
    • Load Monitoring 

    Supply Chain Management

    An interconnected array of devices can help your unit deduce the perfect supply chain. With devices that range from monitoring equipment to tracking inventory, your entire supply chain management gets much easier.
    • Inventory Tracking 
    • Manufacturing Capability 
    • Real-time Factory Load 
    • Production Capacity 

    Technology Requirement for IoT Product Development

    Our Other IoT Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does an Industrial Internet of Things Platform do?

    An IIoT platform enables you to streamline and optimize major processes that go around in various industries. We offer IIoT solutions for the manufacturing industry, IIoT solutions for the oil and gas industry, and IIoT solutions for the construction industry. But we also cater to other industries as well. Whichever idea you have, we can implement it for you.  

    2. What are the four stages of IoT?

    The four stages of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are: 

    • Connectivity: Establishing communication between machines and devices 
    • Data Collection: Gathering data from connected devices and systems 
    • Data Analysis: Processing and analyzing the collected data to derive insights 
    • Actionable Insights: Using the insights from data analysis to drive automation, improve operations, and optimize outcomes. 

    3. What are five examples of IIoT applications?

    Five examples of IIoT applications in industrial settings are: 

    • Predictive Maintenance: Monitoring the performance and health of machinery to predict and prevent failures 
    • Quality Control and Traceability: Tracking and monitoring the quality of production processes and products 
    • Energy Management: Monitoring and optimizing energy usage in industrial facilities 
    • Inventory Management: Automating and optimizing inventory management to reduce waste and increase efficiency 
    • Process Optimization: Monitoring and improving production processes to increase productivity and reduce costs. 

    4. What is the future of IIoT?

    The future of the IIoT is expected to bring about significant improvements and advancements in the industrial sector. Some of the trends and predictions for the future of IIoT include the following: 

    • Increased Adoption: The widespread adoption of IIoT is expected to continue, leading to more connected and automated industrial systems. 
    • Advanced Analytics: The use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence will become increasingly prevalent in the analysis and interpretation of IIoT data. 
    • Real-time Operations: IIoT will enable real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes, leading to more efficient and effective operations. 
    • Edge Computing: Edge computing will become more prevalent, allowing for the processing of data closer to the source and reducing the latency in data transfer. 
    • Cybersecurity: As the number of connected devices increases, the need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect against hacking and cyberattacks will become increasingly important. 

    5. I want to discuss my IIoT idea first. Can you facilitate that?

    Yes, you can consult with our team regarding your idea as much as you want. Our IIoT consulting team will guide you about every benefit and demerit of the technology for your business and will guide you on the RoI and efficiency improvement as well. All you need to do to avail of the service is to fill out the form and let our business analysts know your requirements.  

    6. Which is the most popular industry which adopted IIoT?

    Manufacturing as to be the most popular IIoT industry in the current scenario. IIoT for oil and gas and IIoT for construction closely follow it after. But as the overall rise in IIoT increases, we assume to have a major shift where most industries acclimatize towards IIoT and start using it to their benefit.  

    7. Do you also offer IIoT solution development services?

    Of course, we build various types of solutions for various industries. You can come up with the specifics of your requirements, and we will build a custom solution for you. Our major experience is in creating bespoke solutions using different technologies, a major chunk of which includes solutions built using IIoT 

    8. How much do your IIoT development services cost?

    As every solution differs, we can’t give you even a ballpark regarding it without knowing the specifications. Once you are ready with your requirements, you can contact us, and we will take it from there. The cost would be determined by the resources used multiplied by the total cost per hour and the number of hours dedicated to your project. The initial consultation remains free of cost.  

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