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Invoice Management Applications for Accu-Image 

Project Introduction

Accu-Image is a financial tool through which businesses can create, send, and accept/reject invoices. The tools focus on providing visibility for payables and help businesses manage their cash flow better. There are various integrations as well that allow for a seamless experience.
The mobile apps we created for Accu-Image enable major functionalities on the phone. Users can manage and approve invoices even when they are away from their systems. The pending invoices are grouped under a section, and users can even email copies once they approve those.

Industry Brief

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Finance & Accounting


Mobile App Development

People worldwide are looking for software solutions to help ease business management. There are tons of new solutions to choose from, but only a few make it to the top. The growth is magnificent, and Accu-Image made the right choice by developing mobile apps. Users are getting busier and busier with only access to phones; through the Accu-Image app, they can approve invoices on the go.

  • Business Invoices 
  • Invoice Management 
  • Invoice Creation App 
  • Invoice Approval App 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Mobile App Development for Accu-Image

Upload Invoices

Users can upload new invoices through their device’s camera or image gallery.

Email Copies

An option to email a copy of an approved invoice is available in the mobile app.

Approve Invoices

Users can view and approve pending invoices from the mobile app itself.