Next Sale

Business Process Management, Sales Management, Sales Review

Business Process Management App for Dealerships to Track Sales

Project Introduction

Next Sale is an app that functions across Android and iOS-based devices. It functions as a Business Process Management app, delivering efficient sales and marketing solutions. Providing complete management authority to the Super Admin, the app allows them to send Web Panel Login IDs to the dealers to bring them on board.
Dealers enjoy the liberty to add their respective sales team members, thus expanding their squad for monitoring and review. The innovative sales app comes with some pre-defined tasks assigned by the super admin and dealers for the sales team to perform. Customer ids can be generated for sales follow-up in the future.

Industry Brief

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App Development

Sales and Marketing are about getting the right people on board that can make deals happen. To get the most out of the sales effort, the sales team needs support from the marketing team to facilitate follow-ups. Also, it is vital to every business that the dealer and sales team work in constant touch with each other. Digitization of the sales platform has, in fact, made it possible for dealers to assign a task to their sales team and for the sales team to report back to the dealers to help generate revenue.

  • Sales Management
  • Business Management
  • Business Process
  • Dealership Sales

Technology Stack

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Highlights of App Development for Next Sale

Task Overview

Custom filters and allocation along with a list of tasks to be completed.


Reviews based on if someone likes the service and would recommend it.

Custom Login

Multi-level system allowing admins and managers to board sales staff.