Vox Populi

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Personalized News Application for People of Honduras 

Project Introduction

Vox Populi is a personalized news website and mobile app for the people of Honduras. The entire offering is categorized for users to see the items of their choice based on the categories they like. They can add/remove the categories they would like to follow at their discretion within the app.
Both the web and mobile apps offer user-based login through which they can avail a personalized experience. The choices and likings selected by the customer are saved under their ID, and can be viewed by logging into the app. The apps offer video integration and playback feature to cater to video news.

Industry Brief

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Media and Entertainment


Website and Mobile App Development

Almost every popular news company has its own website and apps through which users can access the published news. The media and entertainment industry grow as people start to realize the level of personalization available through the apps. As everyone has something to offer, it is all about the intricacy and depth of UI/UX that would make a news app stand out. What we did for Vox for major personalization options based on categories and created advanced apps for a smooth user experience.

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Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.

Highlights of Development for Vox Populi


Login to reinitiate previous sessions and interests marked for categories on the app.

Video Integration

Users can stream news videos uploaded by the platform through the mobile app itself.


Users can choose the categories they like; they will only see content around the same.