Real Estate ERP Software Development

Open avenues for your real estate business with process automation using custom ERP solutions. Our experts will help you smartly bridge the gap between technological infrastructure and organizational requirements.
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    Our Business-specific Real Estate ERP Development Services

    Boost productivity and make your operations smoother with custom real estate ERP software solution.
    Commercial Realtor
    Commercial Realtors

    Take your business to new heights with dedicated real estate ERP software solutions that automate every aspect of your business.

    Residential Realtors
    Residential Realtors

    Manage your business operations and get all the insights you need on a single screen with custom real estate ERP solutions.

    Raw Land Realtors
    Raw Land Realtors

    Revolutionize how you manage your organizational requirements and challenges with feature-rich real estate ERP software system.

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    Bespoke ERP Solutions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Build a brand, automate your process, manage customers, and facilitate a sales channel that augments your ROI, with an easy-to-use, intuitive ERP solution tailor-made for your real estate business. At Matellio, we offer our real estate clients the right mix of technology acumen and industry understanding to build solutions carefully tailored to the market trends and demands. Our experts are certified in their respective domains and hold years of experience with global exposure, giving them an edge. To identify the pitfalls in your organizational process, and fill them with accurate technical infrastructure, reach out to our team right away!
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    Process Automation
    Process Automation

    Eliminate manual errors and boost productivity with a feature-rich ERP software system for real estate business.


    Easily grab the attention from potential buyers & help them find a feasible property with targeted ads.

    Customer Management
    Customer Management

    Manage your clients better at every stage of the sales funnel using the right set of functionalities with real estate ERP software.

    Competition Ready

    Leave the competition behind by building a strong foundation with technologically-advanced, real estate ERP systems.

    Distinctive Features of Real Estate ERP Software

    Explore a wide range of smart and user-friendly features that we offer to make your custom ERP software development successful.
    Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Manage all the aspects of inventory for your construction and real estate business in a few clicks.

    Marketing Management
    Marketing Management

    Reach out to potential buyers with targeted marketing advertisements and boost customer acquisition.

    Manage Properties
    Manage Properties

    View all the properties listed on your portal or manage them with intuitive real estate ERP features.

    Customer Management
    Customer Management

    Seamlessly handle the customer conversations and keep them hooked to your business with dedicated features.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Get a 360-degree view of your operations to make informed business decisions and drive revenue growth.

    Document Management
    Manage Documents

    Keep your important documents secure with a comprehensive range of cloud-based document storage options.

    Manage Operations
    Manage Operations

    Track team productivity or automate processes by including all required features in your real estate ERP solutions.

    Manage Team

    Add/ remove new teammates or have detailed view of their performance in a few clicks with easy-to-use features.

    Communication Dashboard
    Communication Dashboard

    Circulate important information among teammates or customers with inbuilt communication dashboard.

    Ready to Implement ERP Solution in Your Real Estate Business?

    Connect with our experts to deploy a real estate ERP software with your choice of features and tech stack.

    Real Estate ERP Software Development Services that We Offer

    Looking for a Fixed-Price Quote for Real Estate ERP Software Development?

    Connect with our experts to discuss all your requirements and get a free no-obligation quote that matches your expectations.

    Next-gen Real Estate ERP Development Services

    Stay ahead of the competition curve and grow your business by integrating state-of-the-art technologies in your software solution.

    Get deep insights into your industry & analyze the data to make better strategic decisions. Automate your processes & take your organizational infrastructure to the next level with AI development services for the real estate business.


    Build advanced IoT solutions for your real estate business to manage it seamlessly. Deploy interconnected hardware & capitalize on them with detailed insights into your processes with our real estate IoT development services.

    AI reporting
    Cloud Computing

    Deploy cloud-based ERP systems for your real estate business to centralize your business aspects seamlessly. Leverage our cloud-based development services to digitalize your business operations and manage the data.

    Do You Want to Implement Next-Gen Real Estate ERP Development Services? 

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    Other Real Estate Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is ERP in real estate?

    Real Estate & Construction ERP Software is a business management solution used by real estate companies to manage their projects and increase efficiency in marketing and sales operations. It is equipped with robust tools to manage projects and automate different areas of marketing and sales.

    2. How do you create ERP software for real estate?

    We follow an agile methodology to develop custom real estate tour software for your brand. Our development stages include:  

    • Idea validation and consultation  
    • MVP creation  
    • Virtual tour software development  
    • Testing your solution  
    • Deploying on your choice of platform

    3. What are the 5 components of ERP?

    The five Main Components of the ERP system are as follows: 

    • Finance 
    • Human Resources (HR) 
    • Manufacturing and logistics 
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM) 
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    4. What services do you offer with ERP software development?

    We as a real estate ERP Software Development Company offer digital consulting and MVP creation to software architecture re-engineering, UI/UX, software/app development, testing, and even maintenance and support, we offer all sorts of development services to make your real estate selling a business a hit! You can fill in our form below to know more about our services.

    5. Do you offer post-launch support?

    Yes, we offer reliable and cost-effective post-launch support for your real estate ERP software development. From data migration and platform migration to technology updates, feature addition, and even testing and maintenance, we offer everything to help you succeed in your niche.

    6. How do you ensure data security and confidentiality?

    Our expert real estate software developers follow the best development methodology and access the latest security tools to make your custom project secure. We even offer our clients NDA (non-disclosure agreement) services to protect their ideas and data from third-party access.

    7. How much does it cost to build an ERP software?

    The cost of building an ERP depends on multiple aspects like Functionality, tech stack, development team size, etc. For an accurate estimate, you can share your complete requirements. Our team dives deep into the details, helps you unleash your full potential, and shares the quote.

    8. How long does it take to develop an ERP?

    Implementing an ERP system can take anywhere between months and years. It can vary widely, however, depending on the following factors: Size of the company, Complexity of the system being installed, including ISV add-ons and required customizations, and more.

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