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Matellio has been a trusted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development partner for educational institutes and companies alike for many years. With the help of the latest technologies, Matellio builds end-to-end ERP solutions that make learning streamlined and efficient.
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    What is

    ERP Software Development

    We develop ERP solutions that help companies and educational institutes in optimal resource planning and dispatching to generate the best results. ERP solutions help organizations efficiently strategize, manage, and deliver educational resources to their employees and students. It is a full-stack eLearning solution that gives organizations complete control over their learning resources. Using next-gen tech such as AI-based analytics, trend detection, resources calendars, etc., ERP solutions bring transparency to business operations, help monitor financial activities, and make internal and external business processes more streamlined.
    Business Transparency

    Our ERP solutions offer complete transparency. They keep all the stakeholders on the same page and enhance resource management for learning institutes.

    Accessibility and Flexibility

    Using cloud technology in conjunction with web and mobile app development, we create ERP software solutions that offer great accessibility and flexibility.

    Smart reporting and Analytics

    Using AI and PLA, our ERP solutions provide smart analytics and reporting. They allow organizations to change resource planning to ensure the best learning results.

    Efficient Resource Planning

    ERP solutions allow organizations to monitor, manage, plan resource allotment in a streamlined way, thus eliminating resource wastage.

    Top Features of an ERP Software Solution

    Matellio’s custom ERP tools are feature-rich and optimally designed to ensure enhanced learning
    Resources Planning

    Plan better. Create in-depth resource assignment plans and assessment reports to make your organization more efficient.

    Task Automation

    Automate the repetitive office tasks thus freeing your resources to do other tasks that require human intelligence.

    Student Module

    A centralized and easy-to-traverse database of student information, attached to a module to get data quickly.

    Employee Details

    Efficiently handle the personal and professional information of all your employees from a single well-designed module.

    Fee Management

    An easy-to-use module to keep a detailed record of fee payments, dues, penalties, etc. integrated in your ERP solution.

    Parents Portal

    A well-designed parents’ portal that lets them access all the critical information related to their ward.

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    Our Custom ERP Software Development Services

    Matellio offers an assortment of cost-effective custom ERP solution development services for educational institutes and corporations

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are learning institute ERP solutions?

    Learning institute ERP solutions are software tools that help educational institutes in optimal resource planning and dispatching to generate the best results. They help organizations efficiently strategize, manage, and deliver educational resources to their employees and students.  The key benefit of ERP solutions is that they help organizations in eliminating resource wastage, thus making the entire organization more productive and efficient.   

    2. How can an ERP solution help an educational institute?

    ERP solutions are designed to help educational institutes run their various processes smoothly. A well-designed ERP solution can help an educational institute in: 

    • Admission Management
    • Examination Management
    • Course and Classroom Management
    • Student Management
    • Employee Management
    • Fee and Bill Payment Management

    3. What are the different development processes in education ERP software development?

    Our education ERP software development process varies as per your business needs and ideas. However, we always follow the agile development methodology for all our projects. The essential development processes involved in education ERP development are: 

    • Idea validation 
    • MVP creation 
    • Software development 
    • Testing 
    • Deployment 

    4. What are the latest technologies being used in ERP development?

    There are many technologies that you can leverage for your custom school ERP software development. At Matellio, we employ the latest and most reliable technologies to develop your custom solution, such as: 

    • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ORACLE SQL 
    • Programming Technologies: .NET and ASP.NET, Java, Ruby, Python 
    • Frontend Technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Vue.JS  

    5. Do you offer a customized learning institute ERP solution?

    Yes, we do offer a fully customized solution matching your school needs and budget. Right from the choice of technologies, and features to design, testing method, number of resources, and even the UI components, you can choose everything for your custom school ERP solution by choosing us.

    6. What other services do you offer with ERP software development?

    We offer a wide range of professional services to make your ERP software development successful. Our services include, but are not limited to: 

    • Idea validation 
    • MVP creation 
    • Third-party integration 
    • Dedicated developers 
    • Web/app development 
    • Testing 
    • Maintenance 
    • Data migration 
    • Platform migration, and more 

    7. What development methodology do you follow?

    We follow the agile development methodology that ensures your custom learning institute ERP solution is designed as per your expectations and business needs. With the agile development approach, the cost of testing is also reduced as you validate everything after every sprint is launched. 

    8. What are the benefits of choosing Matellio for education ERP software development?

    There are many benefits of choosing Matellio as your ERP software development company: 

    • 200+ expert developers  
    • On-time delivery  
    • Affordable pricing models 
    • Flexible engagement models 
    • Agile development 
    • Cutting-edge tools 
    • Decades worth of industry experience 

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