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Matellio has years of experience developing top-of-the-line student information systems (SIS) for schools and colleges. By leveraging the latest technologies, we build streamlined and user-friendly SIS tools for our clients to help them manage their student-related data more efficiently.
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    What is

    Custom Student Information System

    Using next-gen tech, Matellio creates SIS tools that help schools and colleges manage their student data. For better learning in schools and colleges, student data must be properly managed and used to build smarter plans. Using a well-designed SIS, schools and colleges can elevate student learning. With the help of student data, they can build more effective lessons plans, schedules, and targeted learning tactics that will enhance student learning. SIS tools provide an easier way for learning institutes to maintain, access, and use student data. Custom SIS development helps customers in getting tailor-made solutions that have been built to fit their specific needs.
    Better Data Management
    Better Data Management

    With next-gen tech like Big Data and AI, our SIS tools help you manage and analyze data to get vital insights.

    Improve Data Security

    Our eLearning and cybersecurity experts work together to make sure your data remains secure at all costs.

    360 Degree control

    SIS tools allow organizations to monitor, manage and have complete control over the learning process.

    Smart Analytics
    Smart Analytics

    Using AI and PLA, our SIS solutions provide smart analytics that can help in making better learning plans.

    Top Features of a Student Information System

    Matellio’s custom SIS Software is feature-rich and optimally designed to ensure enhanced learning.
    Student Data Management
    Student Data Management

    Create and manage a lot of data efficiently and securely with a custom Student Information System.

    Online Registration
    Online Registration

    Allow your students to register for courses and classes online with the online registration feature.

    Smart Analytics and Reports
    Smart Analytics and Reports

    Use the gathered student data to create better customized reports, learning plans, and marketing tactics.

    Automated Attendance Management
    Automated Attendance Management

    Using AI, automate attendance management and use your workforce resources more efficiently.

    Student Payment Management
    Student Payment Management

    Keep a track of all the student payments, penalties, fines, and other such things from a single app.

    Examination Management
    Examination Management

    Create timetables, assign evaluators, decide courses, etc. to run your examinations like a well-oiled machine.

    Want More Features for Your Custom SIS Software?

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    Our SIS Software Development Services

    Matellio offers an assortment of cost-effective custom SIS development services for educational institutes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the benefit of a custom student information system for my educational institute?

    To make learning more streamlined and efficient in schools and colleges, you have to manage student data smartly so that you can create better learning strategies. With the help of a custom SIS, educational institutes can elevate student learning and build more effective lessons plans, schedules, and targeted learning tactics. These tools offer a more straightforward way for schools and colleges to manage, access, and use student data.  

    2. What is the difference between SMS and LMS?

    SMS, or student management system, is a type of eLearning solution to track the performance and activities of the students. However, it doesn’t cater to the needs of teachers and learning programs like scheduling of classes, exchange of notes, timetable creation, and more. All those tasks, and many others, are carried out by LMS, or a learning management system. We, at Matellio, can offer you development services for both of these eLearning solutions at cost-effective prices. Also, if you are confused over which one will suit your needs, then we offer a free expert consultation to help you choose a relevant solution for your institute.  

    3. Can you build a mobile app for my SIS software?

    Yes, we can build a feature-rich mobile application for your existing SIS solution at cost-effective prices. You only need to fill out our consultation form and our experts will guide you through the next steps. Whether you’re looking for native apps or cross-platform, Matellio has years of experience developing mobile apps for a wide range of industries, including eLearning. 

    4. What other services do you offer?

    Apart from the aforementioned services, we also offer other professional services for your student information software development such as: 

    • Idea validation
    • MVP creation
    • UI/UX
    • Automated testing
    • Data migration
    • Platform migration
    • Technology updates
    • Features addition, and more

    5. How can I hire dedicated developers from Matellio for my SIS software development?

    You can follow these simple steps to hire the best eLearning developers for your SIS software development needs: 

    • Fill Our Consultation Form
    • Discuss Your Ideas and Requirements with Our Experts
    • Choose the Best Development Team
    • Select a Suitable Engagement Model
    • Get Started with Your Sis Software Development

    6. What engagement models do you offer?

    We offer multiple flexible engagement models that perfectly suits the requirements of every business, whether it be a startup or a Fortune 500 firm: 

    • Turnkey model
    • Time and material-based model
    • Dedicated developer model
    • Custom hiring model

    7. What development methodology do you follow?

    We follow the agile development methodology that ensures your custom student information system is designed according to your expectations and business needs. With the agile development approach, the cost of testing is also reduced as you validate everything after every sprint is launched. 

    8. What other eLearning solutions do you offer?

    We offer software development services for a host of eLearning solutions: 

    • Learning management system 
    • Student ERP system 
    • Virtual Classroom Solutions 
    • Content Authoring Tools 
    • eLearning Mobile and Web Apps 

    On top of the above-mentioned solutions, we offer specific requirement-based development services. To learn more, fill out the below form and let us know your project requirements.  

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