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Leveraging next-gen tech, Matellio develops tailor-made virtual classroom software that help educational institutes and L&D oriented start-ups make remote learning more efficient and streamlined.
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    What is

    Revolutionize Learning with Virtual Classroom Software

    With the rise of remote learning, virtual classroom software solutions have become a hot trend in the L&D sector. Virtual learning software solutions help students access live video lectures, a plethora of additional learning material in various formats, practice papers and quizzes, the ability to track their progress, and custom course suggestions based on their learning needs. Virtual classroom software development doesn’t just help remote learners but it can also be an alternate way of learning where students get a personalized experience. Matellio has years of experience developing top-of-the-line online eLearning software solutions for a variety of industries.
    improve Engagement
    Make Learning more Engaging

    Every student has different learning habits. Virtual classroom software take that into account and make learning engaging for all the users.

    Remote Learning
    Streamline Remote Learning

    Make remote learning more streamlined with features such as white board, virtual classrooms, live polls, file sharing, etc.

    Promote Hybrid Learning

    Remove barriers between classroom and virtual learning. Promote hybrid learning and let your students learn from wherever they feel comfortable

    Better Accessibility

    Virtual classroom software can be accessed by anyone in the world. This makes your courses accessible, even to those living in distant regions.

    Top Features of Virtual Classroom Software Solutions

    Matellio’s custom virtual classroom solutions are feature-rich and optimally designed to ensure enhanced learning
    Interactive Tools
    Interactive Tools

    An assortment of tools such as white board, picture and audio books, recorded videos, etc. can make learning more engaging.

    Video Conferencing
    Video Conferencing

    With live video lectures, you can help students attend classes even when they are unable to be physically present in the classrooms.

    Progress Tracking
    Progress Tracking

    Students can track their progress and goals from virtual classroom apps and make sure they are meeting their learning targets.

    Online Test
    Online Assessment

    Along with scheduled official exams, students can also take practice tests and quizzes online to make sure they are well prepared.

    Smart Chatbot
    Smart Chatbot

    Students can find solutions to their queries quickly, even during off hours, with the help of a smart, human-sounding chatbot.

    Smart Analytics
    Smart Analytics

    The admins and teachers can get critical data about student progress, marks, and learning trends using artificial intelligence algorithms.

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    Our Virtual Classroom Software Development Services

    Matellio offers an assortment of cost-effective custom virtual software development services for educational institutes and corporations

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you create virtual classroom software?

    We follow an agile methodology to create your virtual classroom solution. Our development approach includes: 

    • Validate your ideas and requirements 
    • Present you with the best technologies and features 
    • Create an MVP before development 
    • Offer dedicated engineers at flexible hiring models 
    • Start your software development 
    • Launch sprints and verify them by you 
    • Test your software solution 
    • Deploy on your choice of platform 

    2. What services do you offer with virtual classroom software development?

    Apart from the aforementioned services, we also provide various other professional services including but not limited to: 

    • UI/UX 
    • Expert consultation 
    • Automated testing 
    • Web/App development 
    • Data migration 
    • Platform migration 
    • Technology updates 
    • Features addition 
    • Maintenance 

    3. I already have a virtual classroom solution. Can you upgrade it?

    Yes, we can help you update your existing virtual classroom solution to the latest technology/platform. Whether it be adding more features, or updating the technology, or even migrating your legacy solution to cloud platform, we have experts that can help you with all your business needs. You only need to fill our consultation form below, and we will handle everything efficiently!

    4. How much time is required to create a custom virtual classroom solution?

    Similar to the cost, the time required for your virtual classroom software development depends majorly on your set of requirements. For instance, if you choose to develop a solution with complex features and tech stack, then the time required will be more as compared to a solution with basic features and existing tech stack. Hence, you need to firstly discuss all your ideas and requirements with our experts to get an accurate estimation for your project. Simply fill our form below to get started!

    5. Do you offer dedicated project manager?

    Matellio provides certified project managers, who have been working in this domain for many years from now. We will assign your project to an experienced project manager, who is going to oversee all the aspects of your project and make sure that all quality and efficiency related to your expectations are met entirely.

    6. What other solutions do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of enterprise solutions that satisfy the needs of various industry verticals efficiently. To name a few, we have: 

    • Fintech solutions 
    • Healthcare & Fitness solutions 
    • Travel & Hospitality solutions 
    • Banking solutions 
    • Logistics solutions 
    • Retail solutions, and much more

    7. How do you assure a quality product development?

    We have qualified QA Engineers who ensure a bug-free and error-free software development. Moreover, we test our products every two weeks and include your feedback to make your product according to your expectations.

    8. Can I customize the features as per my convenience?

    Absolutely, we offer complete customization capabilities to all our clients to help them make their custom solution perfect for their brand. Right from design, and features to technologies, and even resources, you can decide everything for your custom virtual classroom solution.

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