AI In Logistics and Transportation

Matellio offers cutting-edge AI development services and solutions to the logistics and transportation businesses. Bring operational efficiency and automation in your company while reducing the cost and building success to your brand with AI in logistics.

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    Become Future-Ready by Implementing AI in Logistics

    Automated Warehouse Operations
    Automated Warehouse Operations

    Are you concerned about your warehouse operations like product categorization, inventory optimization, etc.?

    Accurate Forecasting and Tracking
    Accurate Forecasting and Tracking

    Do you find it difficult to track your products and fleets in real-time while optimizing their routes and fuel consumption?

    Reduced Operational Costs
    Reduced Cost and Efficient Workflows

    Are manual operations forcing you to hire more resources while increasing your overall operational cost and reducing profitability?

    Features for a Top-Notch AI-based Logistics Solution

    Resolve your business challenges with some of the exclusive features of AI logistics solution.
    Image Recognition
    Image Recognition

    Get actionable insights into your warehouses, inventories, QA process, and traffic levels through image analysis and AI-based computer vision services.

    Smart Warehouses
    Smart Warehouses

    Implement AI in logistics to automate your warehouse management operations, including inventory management, asset tracking, and product categorization.

    Route Tracking
    Route Tracking

    Track your fleets and assets in real-time while getting actionable data about driving patterns and fuel consumption with an AI-based route tracking functionality.

    Automated Accounting & Support
    Automated Accounting & Support

    Offer personalized and real-time support to your customers/vendors and automate your data entry and accounting tasks with AI-driven finance and support tools.

    Demand Forecasting
    Demand Forecasting

    Leverage an AI-based demand forecasting functionality to eliminate stock-out and excess inventory situations and cater to future customer needs.

    Automated Shipping
    Automated Shipping

    AI in logistics automates all your shipment tasks, including last-mile delivery, freight management, yard management, and load planning operations.

    Predictive Maintenance
    Predictive Maintenance

    Easily get the best time to maintain and repair your vehicles before they impact your shipment process with AI-based predictive analytics feature.

    Automated Bots
    Automated Bots

    Resolve your customer queries in real-time while enhancing their experience and automate your warehouse operations with AI-driven bots for logistics.

    Route Planning
    Route Planning

    Ensure on-time product delivery to your customers while maintaining the security of your drivers through an AI-based route planning feature.

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AI Logistics Solution

      Why Matellio for AI-based Logistics Software Development?

      Business-Specific Solutions
      Business-Specific Solutions

      Get result-driven AI solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

      Strong R&D Expertise
      Strong R&D Expertise

      We can help you discover the best trends and features for your AI real estate solution.

      Flexible Hiring Models
      Flexible Hiring Models

      Enjoy flexible hiring models and need-based scaling services for your AI project.

      Our AI Development Services for Transportation and Logistics

      Explore the best-in-class services that we offer to help your company handle the modern-day business challenges.

      Other AI Transportation & Logistics Solution that We Can Build for You

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What is the cost of implementing AI in logistics?

      The cost of implementing AI-based logistics solutions depends on the type of solution you plan to get developed for your business. For instance, if you plan to build a solution with basic AI technologies, the cost would be low compared to the AI solution with NLP or computational vision services. Hence, you must contact our AI experts for a consultation to get an accurate estimate. You can fill out our form to book a free consultation call.

      2. What other AI development services do you offer for the logistics industry?

      At Matellio, we offer a wide range of AI development services for your logistics business, including:  

      • RPA services  
      • Computation vision  
      • Recommender engine development  
      • Chatbot development
      • NLP services
      • Data analytics services
      • ML algorithms implementation
      • And more

      3. How will my business benefit by implementing AI in logistics?

      AI in logistics has been a hot trend for many leading businesses nowadays. Besides accurate tracking and automated operations, there are many other benefits that companies are enjoying after implementing AI in logistics. To name a few, we have:  

      • Higher customer satisfaction through chatbots  
      • Accurate fleet and asset tracking through smart tracking solutions  
      • Better inventory control through smart warehouse management solutions  
      • Better decision-making through data analytics solutions
      • Optimized inventory through predictive analytics
      • Lower fuel consumption through route planning software

      4. How can I get started with AI-based logistics software development?

      You only need to follow some basic steps to start your AI-based logistics management software with Matellio.  

      • Fill out our consultation form
      • Connect with our experts and discuss your ideas
      • Create multiple prototypes and an MVP based on your chosen features and designs
      • Hire your development team
      • Create, test, and deploy your solution

      5. What is the time duration to create an AI-based logistics solution?

      Similar to the cost, the time to create a customized AI solution depends on multiple factors, such as the complexity of your solution, features, the number of resources working on your project, and so on. Hence, opting for our consulting services would be a great option for you to get an accurate time estimate. You can fill out our form to book a free consultation call.

      6. Which programming languages do you use to create AI solutions?

      There are many programming languages that we use to create your AI logistics solution, such as:  

      • PyTorch  
      • Keras
      • TensorFlow
      • Kafka
      • Amazon Web Services