Enhance Overall Productivity with Custom Hiring Model

Build innovative projects by hiring highly skilled resources as per their expertise that fits with the dynamic requirement of a specific project. With a custom hiring model, enterprises get certified experts with qualified experience and a wide array of skills to develop projects that enhance productivity.
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    What is

    What is Custom Hiring Model?

    Projects vary in nature, complexity, and outcomes; hence every single project requires a different set of skills and experience. The custom hiring model facilitates certified professionals with diversified skill sets to develop projects with dynamic requirements. A mix of certified professionals as per the project requirements ensures optimized workflow, reduced time to market, and reduced operational costs.
    The custom hiring model delivers extreme flexibility in hiring skilled resources with a wide array of skills to fill the skill gap in your team. Businesses have the feasibility of hiring either certain resources to fill vacant positions or hire an entire development team for result-oriented project development. Our certified engineers and experts are well versed with the next-gen technologies and the market scenario.

    When Should You Choose a Custom Hiring Model?

    1. Long-term Projects

    Long-term projects often come with a long list of complex requirements which require a diverse set of skills to generate optimum results. Hence, you can satisfy all those needs by hiring experts of different technologies easily cost-effectively with our custom hiring model.

    2. Short-term Projects

    Projects that need complete development or some detailing are a perfect fit for the custom hiring model as it is extremely viable. You can hire the best developers and testers for a quick and efficient product development as per your needs and budget with our custom hiring model.

    3. Complex Budget

    Budget related to project development can create complex situations, but the price is not an issue with custom resource hiring. Our flexible staff augmentation service makes it possible to access the most certified resource for your project development at cost-effective prices and as per your budget needs using our custom hiring model.

    4. Less Time to Market

    Easily hire the best professionals as per your project needs that are capable of delivering complex projects within a pre-decided time frame with our custom hiring models. With highly talented resources, complex projects can be developed within a shorter time frame, reducing time to market

    5. Specified Requirement

    Have special requirements or want to introduce next-gen concepts in your enterprise solution? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Scale your development team and include the best experts from different technologies as per your project needs with our custom hiring model.

    Develop Complex Projects with an Experienced Team of Experts with Added perks!

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    Why Choose Matellio for Custom Hiring Model?

    We follow an agile development methodology that ensures flawless development of any type of software project.

    We offer our highly trained experts, which saves the time and cost invested in the full-time recruitment process for the development of your innovative project.

    Agile Development Approach

    We strictly follow an agile methodology for the development of efficient software and applications. Our development team takes care of everything.

    Perfect Solutions

    Our experts are well acquainted with the current market trends and are based on the strategies that create the ideal solution for your company.

    Automate Processes

    With state-of-the-art technology and an excellent software development approach, we offer you solutions that automate the process.

    Cut Operating Costs

    When efficient resources are committed to your project, the operating costs of your entire process fall down the curve.

    Enhanced Productivity

    Our resources are trained to take from minimum to maximum without compromising product quality, increasing productivity.

    Process of Hiring Resources

    Our process of hiring custom resources for your project is easier than you think!
    • 1
      Request for Quotation

      Fill the Form
      Expert Consultation
      Market Analysis
      Idea Validation

    • 2
      Requirement Planning

      Define Requirements
      Cost and Time Estimation
      Non-Disclosure Agreement
      MVP Creation

    • 3
      Development & QA

      Hiring Dedicated Team
      Project Development
      Quality Assurance

    • 4
      Post-Launch Support

      Client Review
      After-Sales Support
      Data Backup

    Our Portfolio

    A few of our clients we previously worked with, along with their projects we worked upon.

    Frequently asked questions

    We have curated a list of frequently asked questions about the custom hiring model for your better understanding.

    1. What are the benefits I will get with the custom hiring model?

    Our custom hiring model comes with a list of benefits; here are some of the top benefits.  

    • Personalized Solutions  
    • Improved scalability  
    • Integration of software  
    • Costs of Hardware
    • Enhanced Dependability
    • Agile Development methodology
    • Experienced and Trained resources

    2. How will the developers manage to work in different time zones?

    We have a detailed plan for working in different time zones. Our dedicated team of software developers works according to your required time zone and follows deadlines and milestones. Fill out the contact form for more information.

    3. How do you bill the custom hiring model?

    In order to calculate a custom hiring model cost, the requirements of the project are analyzed by the business analysts of the service provider, and after a brainstorming session with the client, all the requirements are finalized along with the outcome.

    4. Why should I choose Matellio as a custom hiring service partner?

    We are referred to as the leading software development company in the market due to our extreme dedication and quality development. We offer highly qualified engineers with a wide array of skills. Our custom hiring model can be tailored as per your varying needs and the process to hire is quite simple. 

    5. When should I hire a custom hiring model for my business?

    There are certain reasons that signal the need for a custom hiring model. Here are some of the reasons. 

    • Early-Stage Startups 
    • Projects with Dynamic Requirements 
    • Long-Term Projects
    • Short-Term Projects

    6. What are the security arrangements for my project development?

    We hold the security of our customers’ information first and foremost and keep all confidential information secure. We guarantee that your business information is protected from all risks and will not be shared with any other party under any circumstances.

    7. Who is in control of the project in the custom hiring model?

    You have complete control over project management. We offer state-of-the-art communication channels so you can keep up to date with problems and updates.

    8. How does the custom hiring model actually work?

    First, a company that wants to expand its capacity needs to identify what skills are lacking, how much developers are needed, and how much of their previous experience is needed. You can think of it as a kind of detailed job description. In the next step, the company can start scanning the landscape to recruit a partner who meets all or most of the conditions associated with the project. The last step consists of selecting the desired candidates and completing the formalities.