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Our IoT Consulting services aim at providing clients with a roadmap to success. Our diverse experience in IoT will help propel you forward in your niche.
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    How Do We Work?

    At Matellio, we believe in absolute transparency. Our enterprise IoT services include end-to-end development and delivery for all your business requirements. The process we follow is simple; find out more about every step below.

    Strategy to Last Across Every Stage of Your IoT Project


    Our experts plan everything from the very beginning and inform you about the same. We ensure your time and resources are well-spent, and we can get started with development as soon as possible.


    The next steps are to implement the strategy we have created. Our consultants will evaluate every last bit and implement it to its full potential; your project will be ready in the minimum time possible.


    When it comes to maintenance, you can rely on us to be there whenever the need might be. Your point of contact will be only a phone call away in case anything goes wrong in the future.

    Benefits of IoT Consulting Services

    Avail of tons of benefits when you hire IoT consultants from Matellio. We thoroughly analyze your business requirements to ensure a perfect strategy for investing in IoT.

    Improving Productivity of Business Processes

    For most industries, the introduction of IoT devices can improve business processes by a considerable margin. Your investment will help derive more profits by keeping the efficiency to top-tier throughout the process you follow for your business.

    Exploring New Business Opportunities

    The world is fast evolving, and you will need new technologies to work for you to keep up. Our consultants consider everything when they advise a plan for exploring new opportunities; you can choose the one which suits your requirements and budget.

    Gaining Cost-Effectiveness

    IoT revolves around automation, weeding out redundancies, improving efficiency, and ultimately reducing costs. Your IoT consulting partner will help you gather the resources at a minimum price while automating your entire process to improve deliverance.

    Improved Customer Service

    As you gather real-time data, you will have tons of ways to improve customer experience and service. With IoT consulting services, you can deduce the best ways to improve key focus areas that determine your business's customer relationship.

    Real-Time Information

    The concept of IoT revolves around gathering real-time data, and it could be used in many possible ways to improve your business. The possibilities because of this are simply endless, and you will find out so once you consult with our IoT experts.

    Better Decision-Making

    Data-driven decision-making is helping businesses succeed, and there’s nothing better than IoT when it comes to collecting data. With the right analytics software development partner, you can achieve whatever you want in terms of knowledge bases.

    Confused About How to Make the Best of Your Investment in IoT?

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    Our IoT Consulting Services

    Explore our top IoT consulting and development services and leverage our expertise to build the perfect solution for all your business requirements.

    Technology Requirement for IoT Product Development

    Why You Need IoT Consulting

    Aligning Business and IoT Strategies

    The main reason why our clients come for consultation is to know if their business goals can be aligned with an achievable IoT strategy. Our experts will help you determine the pros and cons of a variety of IoT services for proper implementation.

    Building a Feasible Roadmap

    The cost of implementing IoT is no small feat, and for most businesses, whether small or big, a feasibility-based roadmap is essential. We help predetermine costs for each step, providing a clear picture of the benefits of cost ratio analysis.

    Keeping the IoT Project on Track

    With so many factors weighing into an IoT project's success, there are many reasons to lose track and focus entirely on something else. Our consultants help keep the goals and development aligned with your interests.

    Our Other IoT Services

    IoT Development Services

    Our IoT development service experts ensure a perfect custom product for your requirements. Explore everything we offer in it.

    IoT App Development

    Scalable IoT apps integrated to the hardware of your choice. Our embedded engineering experts ensures a perfect integration with your app.

    Wearable App Development

    We create scalable wearable apps for devices of all shapes and sizes. Our experts can create any kind of app you require for wearables.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does an IoT consultant do?

    An IoT consultant helps you gather resources, plan processes, and automate as many operations as possible. As IoT consultants, our job is to provide clients with solutions and keep those as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our goal is to help our clients see through the complexities and realize the potential of IoT for boosting their business growth.

    2. What are the four stages of IoT?

    The four stages of IoT enable an overview of the end-to-end approach toward the architecture. It involves everything you need from start to end to implement IoT in your business. The four stages are:

    • Sensors and Actuators
    • Internet Gateway and Data Acquisition
    • Preprocessing
    • In-Depth Data Analytics

    3. What are five examples of IoT applications?

    IoT applications range from simple thermostat settings to handling equipment in a manufacturing setting. There is a range of ways to leverage the technology, and our consultants would be the best people to assist with perspective.

    The top IoT applications for business usage include:

    • Management and Monitoring of Equipment
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Automating Retail Store Management
    • Supply Chain Optimization
    • Securing Facilities

    4. What is the future of IoT?

    Whichever way we look at it, the future of IoT seems bright and shining. The forecast for IoT spending in 2023 is $ 1.1 trillion, which is a major chunk of technology spending around the world. With more and more applications being deduced, more businesses are now interested in technology. With the given growth, you can certainly assume major improvements in the following years.

    5. I want to discuss my idea first. Can you facilitate that?

    We can provide more than that. The first 30-minute consultation is on us, you can discuss anything you want, and we will take it from there. If you have a solid idea for implementing IoT in your business, make sure to consult with our experts to check the feasibility and possible implementations.

    6. Which is the most popular industry which adopted IoT?

    IoT has been hugely popular in most major industries; manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and many more have benefitted from it highly. Don’t worry about which industry your business comes under, and our consultants will put your requirements first to evaluate the potential and feasibility of implementing IoT in your business.

    7. Do you also offer IoT development services?

    Yes, we employ some of the best IoT developers from around the world. Be it IoT application development, software development, or hardware engineering, we have some of the best experts from around the world. When you contact us, you can directly ask the consultant assigned to you for development time and costs.

    8. How much do your IoT consultation services cost?

    There are different approaches to evaluating the cost of our services based on your requirements. The basic difference falls upon it is a consultation with or without the development package. If you want to explore the options, you can simply call us with your requirements, and our representative will guide you with available options and costs for each.