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Take your healthcare brand to next level with dedicated doctor appointment app development. Easily streamline all your appointment and consultation processes with an on-demand doctor appointment app. Offer a remote appointment booking functionality to all the patients across boundaries to upscale your brand and generate better revenues.
With an experienced doctor appointment app development company like Matellio, you can easily help your patients to book all the appointment through their smartphones. That means, easy management, better booking details, instant payments, and enhanced services. So, engage your patients with a functional on-demand doctor appointment app by hiring our experts.
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Easy Marketing
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On Demand Doctor App Models that Suits Everyone

For Clinics

Offer remote appointment facilitates to your patients and manage all the appointments easily with an on-demand doctor app.

For Hospitals

Streamline your tasks, and save huge cost and time while optimizing your appointment functionality with doctor appointment app development.

For Startups

We create and deliver custom and budget-friendly doctor appointment apps that can cater to all your needs and make you profitable.

Elevate Your Success with Custom Doctor Appointment Clones

Magnify the success of your doctor appointment app development by creating any popular clone of your choice with our professional experts.

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Get the best designs and features that match your standards and launch an advanced on-demand doctor appointment app with expert assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an on-demand doctor app?

An on-demand doctor app is the most easy and digital way to connect the patients with the doctors. Whether we talk about booking an online consultation, or remote monitoring of patients, or even prescribing them medicines by looking at their test reports, almost everything could be achieved with an on-demand doctor app. Plus the perks of getting more patients in optimized time is also an added benefit of doctor appointment app development.   

2. How do I make a doctor appointment app?

To create a doctor appointment app with us, you need to follow some crucial steps like, 

  • Select a suitable model 
  • Choose next-gen features and tech-stack 
  • Hire the best UI/UX designers 
  • Create an MVP 
  • Follow agile methodology for app development 
  • Test your on-demand doctor app 
  • Deploy it on various platforms 

3. What is a telemedicine provider?

A telemedicine provider is someone who integrates the best healthcare technologies to create an advanced app that has capabilities to solve all your issues. Right from connecting with the best experts, to sharing your test results in real-time, or even getting timely alerts for medicines, a telemedicine app has the capabilities for solving all your issues related to healthcare.  

4. How much does it cost to build a telehealth platform?

The cost of any custom application depends majorly on your requirements, and doctor appointment app development is no exception. Whether it be the choice of your technology, or integration of advanced features, or even the type of testing method you select for your telehealth platform; everything adds to your overall cost. Hence, the best way to get an exact quote for your on-demand doctor app is to consult your requirements with our experts by filling our form below.  

5. What would make a successful telehealth app?

Although the success of your custom telehealth app will depend on multiple factors, the major success will depend on the type of technology and development models you select. If you go for a reliable tech-stack and competitive features, then you can stay in the race for a long time. Similarly, the design and interface of your app will also impact the overall success. Hence, the best way to ensure all these is to go for a feature-rich doctor appointment app development developed by our experts.  

6. Why should we invest in doctor appointment app development?

Currently, the healthcare sector is greatly benefiting due to the introduction of next-gen healthcare technologies. Moreover, the current pandemic situation has also facilitated remote monitoring and online appointment solutions. Thus, investing in doctor appointment app development is one of the best ways to succeed in today’s digital market while satisfying your user needs. You can add your own features, and brand name to an effective app in your budget.   

7. How do medical apps make money?

There are many ways through which an on-demand doctor app can make money, but the major source is through subscription models. The company offers limited functionalities in the free version and asks the patients to buy subscription models for an added benefit. Besides that, the cost of video calling, and advertising third-party ads is also one way of earning extra revenues.  

8. What are the best doctor appointment apps that you can develop?

Whatever be your needs, we can develop an exact app matching your requirements. There are several doctor appointment apps that are playing big in the market, like: 

  • Amwell 
  • Talkspace 
  • Teladoc 
  • BCBSM Online Visits 
  • Spruce 
  • Telehealth by SimplePractice 
  • DocsApp