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Satisfy the dynamic requirements of your project flexibly with highly skilled specialist by using our Time and Material pricing model. Save your cost and time by hiring the best engineering resources as per your need while paving the way for your future project modifications.
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    What is

    What is Time and Material Model?

    The time and material model is an exemplary staff augmentation service that offers huge cost and time savings to businesses that are in need of engineering resources. With this robust staff augmentation model, the companies can easily fill their IT gap by hiring the dedicated resources as per their project needs. They only have to pay for the time and materials that are incurred in the project by the IT experts.
    The companies can easily get an accurate idea of their total cost, and can seamlessly divide the project as per their budget with time & material pricing model. Projects with a set of dynamic requirements are the best fit for time & material basis resource augmentation. Along with qualified resources, this amazing staff augmentation model delivers businesses complete control over the expenses involved in developing a project.

    When Should You Choose a Time and Material Model?

    1. Long-Term Projects

    Long-term projects with spontaneously changing requirements fit like a glove with Time and Material based resource augmentation services. You can easily get better services for your R&D phase with our Time and Material model that eventually ensures better product development.

    2. Need for an Experienced Team

    Enterprises often hire less experienced teams to complete projects, but an experienced team offers great collaboration when hired on T&M basis. You get answers to all the problems that may arise during the development process, along with a quality enterprise solution with our Time and Material model.

    3. Greater Project Flexibility

    Time and Material basis team augmentation deliver optimum flexibility in terms of modifying the project and varying workloads to streamline the process. Scale your project development team anytime you want and hire the best experts using our cost-effective Time and Material pricing model.

    4. Transparent Development Process

    When it comes to a transparent development and billing process, the time and material model always tops the list amongst all the staff augmentation models. You can easily reduce your development cost with our T&M staff augmentation model by paying for the total hours for which the developers have worked on your project.

    5. Complex and Unplanned Requirements

    Confused in determining the exact requirements of a complex software project? Our team will help you in evaluating the specific requirements correctly. Leverage our Time and Material pricing model to easily plan the next phase of your enterprise solution development with the best industry experts.

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    Why Choose Matellio for Time and Material Hiring Model?

    Develop innovative projects with critical skillset delivered by our resource and staff augmentation services.
    Agile Project Teams
    Agile Project Teams

    From our project managers, and developers top UI/UX designers, and testers; you get a perfect agile team that successfully executes all your ideas within a desired time.

    Next Gen Technologies
    Next-Gen Technologies

    Our highly trained resources are equipped with a wide array of skills and deep knowledge of next-gen technologies that enhances your digital transformation.

    Flexible Pricing
    Flexible Pricing

    Whether it be a short time project, or a long-term project in the research phase, our staff augmentation pricing models easily satisfies all your business needs within your budget.

    Effective Communication
    Effective Communication

    Our experts make use of the best communication channels that fosters your development, and bring out the best for your project while keeping you in loop.

    Quality Development
    Quality Development

    Our comprehensive market research, and an extensive hands-on experience on the latest tools and technologies helps us to deliver a quality output based on your needs.

    Effective Risk Mitigation
    Effective Risk Mitigation

    You don’t have to worry about cost increment due to major risks. Our certified resources will easily mitigate all the losses and risks associated with your project.

    Process of Hiring Resources

    It is easier to hire our dedicated resources for your project. See how we work?
    • 1
      Request for Quotation

      Fill the Form
      Expert Consultation
      Market Analysis
      Idea Validation

    • 2
      Requirement Planning

      Define Requirements
      Cost and Time Estimation
      Non-Disclosure Agreement
      MVP Creation

    • 3
      Development & QA

      Hiring Dedicated Team
      Project Development
      Quality Assurance

    • 4
      Post-Launch Support

      Client Review
      After-Sales Support
      Data Backup

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    Frequently asked questions

    Still confused about the Time and Material Model? Here are some FAQs for your reference!

    1. What is a time and material pricing model?

    The time and material-based pricing model is a type of staff augmentation service that offers a flexible hiring model to businesses in need of resources. With our time and material-based model, you can easily hire the perfect certified resources based on your project needs for a specific time. That means, you only have to pay for the time and material that is incurred during your project development.

    2. What is the difference between T&M and fixed price?

    The major difference between the time and material-based model, and the fixed price model is the cost involved. With the T&M model, you need not have to pay any additional cost, the overall price is calculated on the basis of the time an engineer has worked on your project. Whereas, in the fixed price model, you can leave all the work on your dedicated remote team until your project is completed. You only have to pay a fixed price that has been decided in our consultation call.

    3. How does a T&M contract work?

    Once you fill our form below, our BA will connect with you to schedule a meeting with the experts. On that consultation call, you can easily discuss all your requirements and can get an accurate idea of what all engineering resources you would need for your project. Once that is done, our experts would offer you the best quotation for your staff augmentation services that would be followed for your time and material-based hiring model.

    4. What does your time and material model offer?

    Hiring our dedicated and extremely trained resources on time and material basis enables you to diligently address your constantly evolving project scope. Apart from this, here are some of the major perks.    

    • Agile project teams 
    • Efficient risk mitigation 
    • Collaborative approach 

    5. When should a time and material contract be used?

    Our time and materials hiring model may be used when the project is either long-term or has a certain complexity level. You can hire resources on this model at any development phase to complete the important part from your perspective.

    6. What other staff augmentation models do you offer?

    We offer many other flexible hiring models to make your staff augmentation cost-effective and beneficial for your business. Our hiring models include: 

    • Turnkey Model 
    • Dedicated Developers Model
    • Custom Hiring Model

    7. What is the difference between cost plus, & time & material-based model?

    The major difference between our T&M model and cost-plus model is that in the former one you do not have to pay anything extra besides the time for which our engineers have worked on your project and the cost of materials involved in your development. Whereas in the latter one, you will have to pay an extra amount besides the time and material cost incurred during the project.

    8. How do you bill for time and material model?

    In order to calculate a time and materials invoice, the man-hours are multiplied by the agreed-upon rate for each trade and then add it to the materials costs (plus the markup, if contractually allowed).