Achieve Your Project Deadlines with Turnkey Project Model

Brainstorm ideas, identify opportunities and define the scope of your project in minimum time by hiring the best engineering resources at a fixed-price model. Assure the best assistance for your project within a planned deadline and budget with our Turnkey hiring model.
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    What is

    What is Turnkey Project Model?

    The turnkey project model is also known as the fixed cost model. Companies with a predefined project goal often choose the turnkey project model. The turnkey solution provider handles all the responsibilities, and the businesses can rest assured of the final quality of the project. The turnkey project model ensures the uniformity of team size and the skillset throughout the project development process, which ensures a perfect outcome that fits the business's expectations.
    The project development also involves a fixed budget to complete the project saving a ton of extra expenses. Businesses prefer turnkey model when the goals are defined & development time is short. With a team of qualified experts, businesses can easily complete their unique projects with dynamic requirements with this extremely feasible staff augmentation model. Projects that are highly time-bound & critical are considered a perfect fit for turnkey model.

    When Should You Choose a Turnkey Hiring Model?

    1. Short-term Projects

    Projects with a specific set of requirements and a short deadline are considered suitable for the turnkey project model as it delivers quality. Accelerate your enterprise development project and drive innovation for your brand by hiring dedicated developers at Turnkey hiring model. 

    2. Clear Scope

    When a project has clearly defined goals, budget, and final results, the turnkey project hiring model should be the first choice of any business. Easily hire the best resources to eliminate the R&D phase and enhance the execution phase with our Turnkey hiring model. 

    3. Need Better Execution

    Short-duration projects often require experienced and qualified resources for better execution to meet the requirements of the businesses. So, eliminate all the risks associated with your enterprise solution development and get better time to market by hiring developers with our Turnkey solution.

    4. Fixed Budget

    When you are on a budget and need a project developed by top experts of the industry, the turnkey project model is considered the top choice. You can easily scale your development team and can execute the project development at your pace with our Turnkey hiring model.

    5. Need On-time Delivery

    Projects being developed under the turnkey project hiring model are given top priority; hence, businesses get on-time project delivery. That means, with our Turnkey solution you can easily spend more time on framing marketing strategies that will eventually help you grow more.

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    Why Choose Matellio for Turnkey Project Model?

    Our experienced resources with a wide array of skills are ready to develop efficient software projects with a predefined workflow, goal, & budget. We deliver resources capable of accomplishing difficult tasks in a shorter time.

    Our Turnkey Project hiring model is a perfect fit for your unique project as it delivers a shorter turnaround time at a cost-effective price.

    Agile Project Teams
    Agile Development Approach

    The agile development approach is one of the vital elements of our development process that ensures the extreme quality of the final project.

    Custom Solutions

    We have perfect solutions for your varying project development needs; we can modify our services as per your project's dynamic requirements.

    Next Gen Technologies
    Next-Gen Technologies

    The world is evolving with the implementation of next-gen technologies; our resources are highly skilled in these technologies to deliver extreme results.

    Seamless Experience

    Our experienced team of resources and experts knows their way around technologies and delivers an excellent project development experience.

    Quality Development
    Quality Development

    Our highly skilled team of experts leaves no stone unturned while performing market research and delivering outstanding results with their vast experience.

    Process of Hiring Resources

    It is extremely simple to hire our highly skilled resources for your project development. Here is the simplified process!
    • 1
      Request for Quotation

      Fill the Form
      Expert Consultation
      Market Analysis
      Idea Validation

    • 2
      Requirement Planning

      Define Requirements
      Cost and Time Estimation
      Non-Disclosure Agreement
      MVP Creation

    • 3
      Development & QA

      Hiring Dedicated Team
      Project Development
      Quality Assurance

    • 4
      Post-Launch Support

      Client Review
      After-Sales Support
      Data Backup

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    Frequently asked questions

    Still, have doubts about the turnkey project model? Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

    1. What is the turnkey project hiring model?

    The turnkey project hiring model is commonly known as the fixed cost model, where the service provider takes all the responsibility for the project. Our team will handle all the development-related responsibilities, and you will have to deliver all the specific requirements and the completion timeline.

    2. How does a turnkey project model work?

    The turnkey project model is extremely simple; once you fill in your details, our experts will get in touch with you regarding the project requirements. Once everything is final, you will be presented with a no-obligation quote. After all the requirements and deliverables are finalized, we can deploy resources to start working on your project.

    3. What is the difference between time and material model & the turnkey project model?

    The time and material model is different from the turnkey project model in many terms. Time & Material model allows you to hire our certified resources for a specific time frame and pay only for their time and materials. On the other hand, the turnkey project hiring model works best for complete projects and short-term projects. In this model, we deliver you our certified experts to work on your project development from start to end to deliver optimum results.

    4. What are the benefits of the turnkey project hiring model?

    Here are some of the top benefits that come with a turnkey project hiring model: 

    • Reduced cost
    • Greater flexibility
    • Increased earnings
    • Design and Manufacturing in Sync
    • Greater Quality

    5. What other staff augmentation models do you offer?

    We have a range of flexible and result-oriented hiring models that will fill the skill gap in your team and enhance the overall quality of your project development. Here are our other flexible hiring models: 

    • Time and Material Hiring Model  
    • Dedicated Developers Model  
    • Custom Hiring Model  

    6. When should a turnkey project model be used?

    Our turnkey project model can be used when you have a defined goal and scope for your project. The projects that require extreme care and come with time limitations are the perfect fit for our turnkey project services. You can hire our dedicated resources to complete your short-term projects or any other project that adds value to your brand.

    7. How do you bill the turnkey project model?

    Our entire process is extremely simple; our business analysts analyze the requirements of the project, and after a brainstorming session with you, we finalize all the requirements along with the outcome and derive the final cost of the project.

    8. Why is it called a turnkey project model?

    The name of this staff augmentation model refers to the fact that the turnkey project companies deliver you a complete project in a working condition, and all you have to do is turn the ignition key to make it operational, or the project is just turned over to you. Our experts handle all the responsibilities; you just have to sit back and relax and receive a project that meets your expectations and your business requirements.