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Leverage next-gen technologies and the expertise of skilled, dedicated developers to build robust and scalable litigation support software. Streamline various facets of your litigation processes, including witness interviews, document tracking, proof management, etc., with our automated tools and intelligence services.
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    What is

    Get Business-specific Litigation Support Software

    Seek technological help from our experts, specifically catering to the types of legal firm you own.
    Small Law Firm

    Accelerate your legal business by handling various case-related documents securely in a digital solution.

    Medium-sized Law Firm

    Handle multiple clients efficiently without comprising the quality of your services with litigation software.

    Large Law Firms

    Stand apart from the competitors and gain customer-trust with automated litigation software.

    Get Custom Litigation Support Solutions

    Deliver Quality Legal Work with Automated Litigation Support Software

    As a leading legal software development company, we offer custom-built solutions and technology services that can streamline your litigation tasks. Manage multiple litigation cases in one go while securing your proofs, documents, and witness interviews with a dedicated software solution. Get real-time information over court dates, opposite party details, case titles, etc., on your choice of platform. From feature-rich mobile apps to smart AI-powered legal modules, get a wide range of litigation software development services by partnering with Matellio.
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    Centralized Data
    Centralized Data

    Access all your important documents in one place and manage them easily by assigning different levels of permissions.

    Automated Workflows
    Automated Workflow

    Optimize your legal case proceedings with an automated workflow created by custom litigation support software.

    Cost Reduction
    Reduced Costs

    Manage your legal proceedings easily with intelligent insights that ultimately lower the cost of the overall process.

    Swift Legal Research

    Easily access the past cases, documents, and research papers to get the best support for your legal cases.

    Features for Top-Notch Litigation Support Software

    Explore a wide array of features based on next-gen technologies to ensure the success of your custom litigation support software.
    Litigation Support
    Litigation Support

    Get support for your legal cases proceedings from document management to complex analysis, by centralizing your documents to ensure the optimum performance.

    Case analysis
    Case analysis

    Derive all the important insights of a legal case and gather all the facts and events with custom litigation support software to get to the real story and lead your legal case.

    Remote Access
    Remote Access

    Store your critical data on the cloud platform and easily access the details from any device or platform while offering access-based rights to your employees.

    Timeline Management
    Timeline Management

    Make sure to graph each event intuitively and flexibly with custom litigation support software and get optimum efficiency in your legal business.

    Customized Reporting
    Customized Reporting

    Measure every inch progress made in your legal proceedings with detailed reports in any format possible and enhance the efficiency of your legal cases and your law business.

    Document Management
    Document Management

    Track and manage all the critical documents related to your legal case and clients by storing them electronically in a centralized cloud platform.


    We can integrate Google Calendar to help you never miss your court hearing dates and effectively schedule all your important client appointments.

    Client Portals
    Client Portals

    Get all the information about your client and their cases in detail with intelligent insights to sort out the complexities of their case and monitor their progress effectively.

    Real time Updates
    Real-time Updates

    Remain updated with every step of your legal case hearings by getting real-time updates over your courtroom hearings, case titles, status, and opposite party details.

    Need More Exclusive Features for Your Custom Litigation Support Software

    Discover the best features and technologies that align with your business goals by connecting with our experts over a free call.
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    Our Litigation Support Software Development Services

    Explore a wide range of software development services that promote growth and innovation for your legal business.

    Other Legal Software Solutions that We Can Develop for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you ensure software quality compliance during my litigation support software development?

    Our legal software developers control the quality of the software according to the prevailing standards and procedures. Our team of qualified quality control engineers tests the entire project, provides developers with a list of bugs and resolves them.

    2. Can you help us with third-party integration services for our existing litigation support software system?

    Definitely! We have assisted many law firms with third-party integration services related to their core software and left no stone unturned in their success.

    3. How long does it take to develop my litigation support software?

    Development time usually depends on some critical factors, such as features, technical stack, customizations, and more. You can share your requirements with our team of expert business analysts and book a free consultation. In addition to evaluating your idea, our experts will help you analyze its feasibility, identify areas for improvement, and implement a best-in-class solution for your organization.

    4. Is the data related to my case protected in your organization?

    Absolutely. We make sure all your data and your sensitive information is secure. Therefore, we sign the NDS to ensure that no member of our management or employee leaks your valuable information.

    5. What engagement models do you offer?

    We have been operating in the field of software development for more than ten years and with our experience we have created flexible recruitment models for our clients. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, our flexible engagement models are best suited to your business needs. See our engagement models: 

    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based model 
    • Dedicated developer model
    • Custom recruitment model 

    6. Are there any specific IT requirements for developing my custom litigation support software?

    No, we offer efficient cloud-based solutions that only require an active Internet connection and an enabled device.

    7. How can I hire dedicated developers from Matellio to develop my own litigation support software?

    Hiring dedicated developers from Matellio for your software development needs is extremely easy; we follow a simple process of hiring our team of expert developers. 

    • Fill out our consultation form. 
    • Discuss your needs and ideas with our experts 
    • Hire a team of dedicated developers 
    • Choose the right engagement model

    8. Do you provide development system documentation?

    Indeed. Matellio ensures your full involvement in the development process and provides detailed SRS documentation with notes to facilitate understanding. Our complete documentation is self-explanatory and organized in a stream so you can better understand it.

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