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Empower your legal, sales, and business teams with cutting-edge tools that streamline your contract management process. Minimize the business risks, eliminate the tedious paperwork, and never miss any renewal date by investing in contract management software development.
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    What is

    Get Business-specific Contract Management Software

    Small Law Firm

    Reduce your operational cost and handle more clients efficiently with a custom legal contract management system.

    Medium-sized Law Firm

    Eliminate the risks generated through human errors & enhance your brand value with contract management software.

    Large Law Firms

    Reduce your back-office work and cut your cost of hiring more non-legal staff with enterprise contract management software.

    Get Custom Contract Management Solutions

    Digitize your Contract Building Process with a Dedicated Solution

    Reduce your legal risks and ensure compliance with our contract management solution. Eliminate the human dependency on building new legal contracts from scratch every time you need them by replacing your legacy system with a digital contract management solution. Get robust features, including secure contract repositories, custom reporting, template libraries, and electronic signatures to ease your legal processes and generate more revenues.
    Talk to Consultant
    Communication Dashboard
    Smooth Communication

    Streamline the communication channels to promote smooth communication with your clients and legal officers.

    Enhanced Visibility
    Enhanced Visibility

    Get enhanced contract visibility and streamline your multiple contracts to deliver a seamless experience to your users.

    Improved Audits
    Improved Audits

    Effectively audit your contracts and manage them easily with the help of efficient contract management software.

    Asset Security
    Better Security

    Security is the key component for any contract related to your business; experience the best-in-class security with us.

    Features for Top-Notch Enterprise Contract Management Software

    Explore a wide array of features based on next-gen technologies to ensure success for your contract management software.
    Portfolio Management
    Portfolio Management

    Get every type of business contract and service agreement and manage them effectively with our contract management software development services.

    Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment

    Determining the level of risk in any process is important; determine various risks associated with different categories like financial, contractual, and third-party contracts.

    Electronic Signature
    Electronic Signature

    Verifying the documents with a valid signature enables you to digitize every phase of the contract management process by seamlessly integrating the e-signature tools.

    User Management
    User Management

    Allow access to the contracts based on the roles of your users or employees that efficiently govern access to your contract data in your contract management software.

    Real time Alerts
    Real-Time Alerts

    Contracts are subject to change as per the amendments or regulations; seamlessly send automated alerts to users with an efficient contract management software.

    Contract Management
    Contract Management

    Generate new contracts, update the previous ones, and make amendments easily by automating the complete contract creation and storage process for your business.

    Template Automation
    Template Automation

    All contracts follow a proper format, maintain a standard clause library and keep a uniform contract language across all your contracts with an efficient solution.

    Third Party Contracts
    Third-Party Contracts

    Maintain the standard of your business with the help of smart AI tools to manage third-party contracts and check their compliance with your company standards.

    Centralized Contract Repository
    Centralized Contract Repository

    Effectively store every contract at a centralized location and access the contracts anytime, anywhere, with a centralized repository feature in contract management software.

    Looking for More Features for Your Custom Contract Management Software?

    Get a free consultation from our experts to discover the best features and tech stack for your custom contract management software.
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    Our Legal Contract Management Software Development Services

    As a leading legal software development company, we offer cutting-edge services that promote innovation and profitability.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you integrate AI-powered features into my contract management software?

    Definitely! As a contract management software development company, we develop efficient contract management software based on next-gen technologies and integrate AI-based features to automate your business process.

    2. How much does contract management software development cost?

    Matellio software developers provide efficient software solutions to legal businesses, including enterprise contract management software, compliance assessment, mobile legal applications, etc. Our developers create custom contract support software for businesses of all sizes, but to determine costs, we need to analyze several parameters, such as features, technology, development method, number of resources, and more. To assess the enterprise contract management software development and validate the ideas, book a 30-minute consultation with our experts!

    3. How long does it take to develop my custom contract management software?

    Development time usually depends on critical factors, such as features, technical stack, customizations, etc. You can share your requirements with our team of expert business analysts and book a free consultation. In addition to evaluating your idea, our experts will help you analyze its feasibility, identify areas for improvement, and implement a best-in-class solution for your organization.

    4. Is the data related to my case protected in your organization?

    Absolutely. We make sure all your data and your sensitive information are secure. Therefore, we sign the NDS to ensure that no member of our management or employee leaks your valuable data.

    5. How can I hire dedicated developers from Matellio to develop my legal contract management software?

    Hiring dedicated developers from Matellio for your software development needs is extremely easy; we follow a simple process of hiring our team of expert developers.  

    • Fill out our consultation form.
    • Discuss your needs and ideas with our experts
    • Hire a team of dedicated developers
    • Choose the right engagement model
    • Start your project

    6. What engagement models do you offer?

    We have been operating in software development for more than ten years, and with our experience, we have created flexible recruitment models for our clients. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, our flexible engagement models the best suit your business needs. See our engagement models:  

    • Turnkey model  
    • Time and material-based model  
    • Dedicated developer model  
    • Custom recruitment model

    7. Do you provide development system documentation?

    Indeed. Matellio ensures your full involvement in the development process and provides detailed SRS documentation with notes to facilitate understanding. Our complete documentation is self-explanatory and organized in a stream so you can better understand it.

    8. What are the benefits of contract software development for small businesses?

    Our dedicated developers are familiar with the legal and audit industry and can develop efficient enterprise contract management software for your business that brings many benefits. Some of them are listed here.  

    • Improved Contract Compliance  
    • Risk Reduction  
    • Better Document Management
    • Stay Ahead of Renewal Dates
    • Shorter Approval Times, and more.

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