Digital Rights Management Software
Digital Rights Management Software
Control distribution and access of your PDF and other confidential documents with Matellio’s robust Digital Rights Management solutions.

What is Digital Rights Management Software?

Digital Rights Management helps in setting and imposing copyright protection for your intellectual properties such as eBooks, market research, training materials, reports, modules, and all other confidential documents. With this software, users can easily protect their digital files from unauthorized redistribution and restrict other customers or recipients from copying the content.
We offer custom Digital Rights Management Software for

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Digital Rights Management Software Expertise

Digital Rights Management Solutions

Digital Rights Management Solutions

Our cloud-based digital rights management solutions implements the following-

Provide digital access control

End-to-end protection of video, PDF, or audio content

Secure all the copyrighted content.

Easy Sharing DRM Solutions

Easy Sharing DRM Solutions

The robust solutions allow easy sharing of the content via protected we links

Users can publish, embed or share the material securely

Content sharing is done via client portal, website, and other 3rd party platform

Easily set up content DRM processes and workflows

DRM Media Tracking Modules

DRM Media Tracking Modules

We implement customized copyright protection and steganography tools for media tracking

Send alerts when your media has been copied, or downloaded.

Enterprise-level data encryptions and protocols for securing the content

Implement session based watermarking for tracking content via delivery.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

The enterprise level DRM software helps in controlling who sees what.

Revoke access from already-downloaded files

Create expiration dates for downloads

Compliant with industry standards and avail 256-bit SSL encryption

DRM Plugin Services

DRM Plugin Services

Matellio develops customized Digital Rights Management Solution for your business needs

Frequent updates and installations won’t interrupt the workflow.

Easily view Microsoft office and PDFs in the browser

Eliminates security-breaches by hackers happening through insecure plug-ins.

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Why Matellio?

Matellio, with its double-decade expertise team, is here to craft a well-designed DRM Solutions for your organization.


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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

A product's minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which mobile or web app development only considers basic features. The apps are just sufficient to satisfy early adopters. Businesses can garner reviews and feedback from users and improvise their apps in subsequent releases.

Budget limitations can always be addressed by developing an MVP of the app. You can begin with basic features and have a monetization strategy in place. Once you have more investments, you can add features. This will not help you build great solutions but will also ensure that the app is loved by users.

Absolutely, we provide all sorts of customized designs and development to make the software application perfect for your business needs and wants. You can include all sorts of features and functionalities that you want in your program.

In the vast majority of cases, a full-time resource is not required. Rather, what's more important is to leverage existing staff who are willing to act as champions for the project and prepare your team for change. Also, having a proper understanding of your current or altered process flows, staff touch points and existing tools can help distribute responsibility. Having more than one person who is responsible for the implementation of your software helps to ensure that the process is seamless as it builds in redundancy if someone is sick or leaves your business.

We enter into an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) before the discussion of ideas, ensuring nothing leaves the room.

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