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    What is

    Live Streaming App Development Service for Your Business

    A live-streaming app is a robust application of the media and entertainment industry that aims to connect the user with its audience more efficiently. It is a custom solution that includes amazing functionalities like multi-camera operations, virtual sets, web streams, and much more to help users interact effectively with their targeted audiences. You can enhance your digital media operations and target more users with this custom live streaming app.
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    You can reach millions of users and broadcast concurrently at once through a scalable live streaming solution.


    You can monetize live streams based on various models and improve overall revenue as a live streaming business.

    Ads Integration

    We can integrate advertisement management platform into your live streaming app for enabling ads throughout the app.

    Centralized Management

    Manage multiple streams using a centralized system and keep control of the entire system as you want.

    What Features to Include in Your Live Streaming App?

    Explore the best features to ensure the success and RoI for your live streaming app.
    In-App Purchases

    Users can buy various perks such as reach boosts and specific servers to improve videos and audio quality.

    Effects and Filters

    Smart filters and effects help you enhance your videos and live streaming and engage your users.

    Video Transcoding

    Automate the video format with an automatic video transcoding module and reduce the streaming time.

    Image Recognition

    Leverage lightning-fast sensors and object recognition systems to highlight exciting moments in your video.

    Ad Insertion

    Seamlessly insert third-party ads and pre-roll commercials in your videos and protect them from ad blockage systems.

    Playback Support

    Users can access previous streams with the playback feature; the admin can categorize videos as you want.


    Allow your users to choose a subscription process to stay connected with other users and access exclusive videos.

    Push Notifications

    Get real-time alerts and update your users about every upcoming video through push notifications.

    Content Suggestion

    Get smart and effective content suggestions for your upcoming posts or videos to engage more users.

    Planned More Features for Your Live Streaming App?

    Discuss all the ideas with our experts and get a free quote for a feature-rich live streaming app.
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    Our Live Streaming App Development Services

    Leverage our services and technology to create next-gen live streaming app.

    Other Media and Entertainment Software Solutions that We Can Build for You

    The solutions are built to keep your assets secure while keeping their distribution seamless.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I monetize my live streaming app?

    If you want to develop a live streaming app, you can go for third-party advertisements and paid commercials to generate more revenue from your live streaming app. If you have a monetization model in mind, we can help you develop it. 

    2. How do you develop a custom live streaming app?

    Our mobile app developers build live streaming apps from scratch, customized based on your requirements. You can choose any of the features you like, and the entire UI/UX will be based on your specific ideology, setting your app apart from the competition.

    3. How long does it take to create a live streaming app?

    The time to develop your live streaming app majorly depends on which platforms you plan to target, as well as the complexity of the app. If you plan to target both Android and iOS and need native apps for each, we will have to build two separate apps for you, which will take longer than one app.  

    4. Can you add more features to my existing live streaming app?

    If you are looking to add more features, we can help you with that. Adding features might be considered as redevelopment as there can be complexities while developing and integrating those features.  

    5. Will you offer post-launch support for my live streaming app?

    We ensure every component of your app is crafted to perfection from the start. But to ensure the client faces no trouble at all in the live environment, we offer free-of-cost maintenance and support lasting for 30 days from the date of deployment.  

    6. How much would it cost to develop a custom live streaming app?

    The cost to develop a live streaming app is usually based on the number of apps you want. If you are planning to target both popular mobile app platforms, you will need two separate apps, increasing the development cost to almost twice. But there are ways to reuse code through cross-platform development technologies, which could reduce the cost. If you want an accurate quote, you can send us your requirements, and we will discuss the best way and the cost associated with it for your app’s development.  

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