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As your news portal development company, we will deliver a feature-rich and scalable web platform. We can include next-gen technologies like AI & ML to make sure you get the best out of your news portal.
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    News Portal Development for Your Agency

    News portals have been around for a long time now; they started as early as the internet became popular. The difference now is how these portals work. They have come much further from news displaying websites and have become more advanced and intuitive. If you are a press/news agency looking to take your presence online, now could be the best time to get an advanced custom news portal. To get started, contact us and we will get back to you with a free quote for your project.
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    Intuitive UI UX
    Intuitive UI/UX

    User experience designed specifically based on your niche, helping you attract more users to your news portal.

    Media Upload
    Media Upload

    Upload media files specially compressed to keep the quality optimal while reducing the overall load time.


    Integrate third-party APIs and feeds to exchange real-time relevant dynamic information to your news portal.

    Ad Management
    Ad Management

    Enables advertising on your portal while offering tools for managing your ads and revenue generated.

    What Features to Include in Your News Portal?

    Feature-rich news portal solution for your agency’s brand-specific tone and ideology.
    Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    A responsive design ensures users can use your portal on all their devices, including different mobiles and tablets.

    Category Management
    Category Management

    Category-based portal design so you can customize each with your specific requirements at the click of a button.

    CMS integration
    CMS Integration

    CMS integration to upload content on the go and edit news placement based on popularity of the topics.

    Social Login
    Social Login

    Users can do one-click logins with their respective social media accounts and share the news they love instantly.

    Multi Language Support
    Multi-Language Support

    Support for multiple languages and easy content management if you choose to develop multi-lingual news portal.

    SEO Enabled
    SEO Enabled

    SEO-friendly web portal design to ensure your articles and website can rank on top and bring targeted readers.

    Role Based Login
    Role-Based Login

    Divides your news portal management into different user roles which can be assigned or revoked permissions.

    Heat Map

    Track and monetize spaces based on best performing sections of the portal enabled through heat-map.

    Third party integrations

    Integrate with third party services and tools to exchange, analyze and publish content on different platforms.

    Planned More Features for Your News Portal?

    Matellio offers you complete guidance and custom development services to provide the best custom news portal.
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    Our News Portal Development Services

    Leverage our services and technology to create next-gen news agency solutions

    Other Media and Entertainment Software Solutions that We Can Build for You

    The solutions are built to keep your assets secure while keeping their distribution seamless.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you develop custom News Portal?

    Our web developers build the news portal from scratch and customize it based on your requirements. You can include any of the features you like, and the entire design language would be done based on your agency’s design language and brand image.  

    2. How long does it take to create News Portal

    The time to develop your news portal majorly depends on how many and what type of features you are looking for in your news portal. One may require fewer features, and that would take much lesser time, but on the other hand, a complex news portal might take many months to develop to ensure functionality and sync of all features.  

    3. Can you add more features to my existing News Portal?

    Yes, we can. However, if your news portal was built a long time ago, things like improving speed, responsiveness, and other functionalities, your portal might require a complete overhaul. Once you contact us and request a quote, we will send you details for both options, and you can choose which suits you the best.  

    4. What engagement models does Matellio offer?

    We offer different models to accommodate the different requirements of our clients. We offer some popular models: 

    • Dedicated Developer Model  
    • Turnkey Model 
    • Time and Material-based Hiring Model  
    • Custom Hiring Model  

    5. Will you offer training for operating the news portal?

    Yes, we do. We will train your team to use each and every feature of the portal to ensure maximum benefit. We can also create walkthrough videos to ensure anyone new will be able to grasp the features just as quickly and start operating the news portal the way it’s supposed to be.  

    6. Do you offer post-launch maintenance?

    Yes, we offer post-launch support and maintenance with all the products we develop. It is free from the date of deployment to 30 days after, and you can extend it based on your requirements as much as you want.  

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