Advanced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
Advanced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
Optimize your returns and shorten the revenue cycle with tailor-made RCM software that brings in all the necessary features.

What is Revenue Cycle Management Software for Healthcare?

Revenue cycle management software helps healthcare services and clinical offerings to streamline and ease overall financial processes. It is enriched with features that unify the businesses and clinical sides of the healthcare organizations using automation of administrative tasks, extracting data from backend sources, and other vital information. It is comprehensive and brings in functionality that is found in medical billing software, claims management software, credentialing software, and more.

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What is Healthcare CRM Software?



Legacy system

QA and testing

Wide Range of RCM Development Services to Choose From

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Tailor-made revenue cycle management (RCM) software with the power of advanced features for hospitals and clinical organizations.

Custom healthcare CRM software development

Module development and integration

RCM patient management software

RCM consulting

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RCM Eligibility Verification

RCM Eligibility Verification

Integrate software in your processes to track insurance eligibility in real-time and manage claim submissions through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Assert scrubbing application software

Third-party software implementation

Expert QA and testing

Provider-facing SOA implementation

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RCM Patient Management Software

RCM Patient Management Software

Intuitive software solutions for recording patient demographics, medical history, insurance details, document submission, and patient profiles.

Dedicated platform for user categories

Streamlined information sharing portal

Patient engagement applications

Patient management digitization

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Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

Want to integrate cutting-edge RCM software to your existing systems? We will help you do the same without causing any loss to your current data.

Feasibility analysis

Software research

Third-party software integration

Data migration

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Medical Billing Software Solutions

Medical Billing Software Solutions

Feature-rich medical billing software to automate billing processes for your medical services with features like payment processing, billing, revenue generation, and more.

Custom medical billing software development

Highly-secured user-facing portals

Billing workflow automation

Module integrations

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Revenue Cycle Reporting and Analytics

Revenue Cycle Reporting and Analytics

Custom BI solutions to analyze essential data from the information repositories, PHR, HIS, etc. to leverage data visualizations for showcasing vital information and analysis reports.

RCM BI solutions

Data aggregation software

Big data analytics solutions

Tailored reports and analysis

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Revenue Cycle Management Software Features

Build an RCM software that aligns with each user category and automate your billing and claims management to bring better efficiency.


Scheduling and Registration

Seamlessly record the initial outreach and track all the scheduled appointments using the software.


Insurance Validation

Gather all the information about the patient’s insurance and verify the eligibility quickly with this.


Copay Management

Validate the copayment amount covered by insurers and adjust the remainder easily using this feature.


Patient Visit Documentation

Manage code output based on the type of visit and medical services offered on the arrival of the patient.


Claims Management

Find an organized database of current and past claims as well as share the documents across smoothly.


ICD-10 Compliance

Make sure your practice is compliant by managing intricacies of ICD-10 using the software solution.


Payment Processing

Securely and reliably accept payments with credit/ debits cards or with other payment methods easily.


Denial Management

Organize denials based on critical signifiers like the source of denial and reason for the same hassle-free.


Patient Statements

Store and share detailed statements with patients highlighting the payment, owed, and insured amount.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Healthcare providers leverage RCM software for storing and managing patients' billing records. It proves really time-saving for the services providers as well as the healthcare service seekers by interacting with other healthcare software systems, including EHRs and billing software. Thus, the time between offering the service and receiving the payments in considerably reduced without degrading the quality of services.

The factors that contribute to the complexity of the revenue cycle in healthcare include:
  • Nature and importance of services provided
  • Lack of standard healthcare service rates
  • Regulations and standards that make documentation and billings complicated
  • Various payments methods

The best revenue cycle management software is the one that has all the necessary features. While an idea of the same is already given, you can include more advanced features and go a notch higher. This requirement can be best satisfied with custom healthcare RCM development.

Medical billing is the process of submitting the following up on claims with health insurance companies and receiving the payment. This is the interaction between medical service providers and insurance companies.
On the other hand, RCM accounts for the financial transactions that result from the interaction between a patient and a provider. These transactions include billing, collections, payer contracting, provider enrollment, coding, and compliance.

Significant challenges faced by the healthcare services in implementing the RCM include:
  • Errors while preparing bills and collecting the same
  • Lack of trained professionals
  • Absence of systematic financial policy

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