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Matellio effortlessly blends technical expertise with innovation to develop top-of-the-line HIPAA-compliant CRM software solutions for the healthcare industry. Focus on delivery quality care services while automating your mundane tasks with a dedicated CRM solution.
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    What is

    Improve Your Patient-Experience with a Custom Healthcare CRM

    As a leading CRM software development company, we build advanced solutions that cater to the needs of your healthcare organization. Keep up with your support and marketing operations while identifying your patients’ concerns. Combine multiple data sources like patient demographics, clinical, psychographics, social, financial behavior, and others to get a detailed view of patients’ activities. Manage appointments, and medical history while adhering to HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations.
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    Better Patient Management

    Quickly get patient details, diagnostic reports, allergies, latest prescriptions, and more for better patient management.

    Minimize Errors

    Automate the mundane data entry tasks to reduce the errors and offer better healthcare services.

    More Revenues
    More Revenues

    Your revenues will increase when you offer your patients the best treatments, resulting in better satisfaction.

    Workflow Management
    Improve Workflows

    From reception to diagnostics, manage and automate the entire workflow of your healthcare institution.

    What Features to Include in Your Healthcare CRM Software ?

    Explore the best CRM features that can ensure productivity and RoI for your healthcare business.
    Patient Information

    Automated information management eliminates frequent form filling, improving speed and reducing the administrative workload.

    Patient Management

    You can easily segment patients based on demographic, psychographic, and high-risk issues for targeted marketing campaigns via different channels.

    Alerts and Notifications

    Easily set up the system to send out appointment reminders, and educational event alerts, thereby helping you serve patients better.

    Referrals Management

    Through this feature, the medical practitioners can easily refer their patients to other departments and locations while sharing their medical history.

    Direct Mail Campaigns

    Send direct mail messages like standard service communications, screening reminders, and more to the patients and physicians easily.

    Push Notifications
    Activity Tracking

    Your staff can track their daily schedule and can get alerts for important activities like follow-ups, calls, outreach campaigns, and more.

    Back-office Integration

    Eliminate duplicate record-keeping, ensure consistency across patient records, and allow timely claim filing with CRM integration.

    EHR Integration

    Your staff can easily edit and store the critical information of your patients in EHR to be used by physicians and other experts.

    Reports and Analytics

    Efficient reporting and analysis offer you the correct data that can help you strategize better and make informed decisions.

    Need More Exclusive Features for Your CRM Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best CRM software features matching your needs.
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    Our Healthcare CRM Software Development Services

    Leverage our wide range of professional services that can help you launch a HIPAA-compliant CRM for your healthcare business.

    Other Healthcare Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Healthcare solutions which will be in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, EH7 and other regulations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is healthcare CRM software?

    A healthcare CRM software is a robust solution that streamlines all the hospitals’ management and patient engagement tasks. With a custom CRM for healthcare, you can easily automate various operations ranging from payment collection and patient management to offering healthcare services and running mail campaigns. Besides that, it also facilitates excellent patient engagement by providing the right services for specific people at the right time.   

    2. How can I develop CRM software for healthcare?

    You can follow these simple steps to develop a custom CRM software with our dedicated developers:  

    • Fill out our consultation form  
    • Discuss all your ideas and requirements with our experts  
    • Choose the best features, design, and technologies for your custom software development  
    • Hire a dedicated development team  
    • Create an MVP  
    • Start your software development 
    • Test your CRM solution  
    • Deploy on various platforms of your choice

    3. How much time is required to create a custom CRM solution?

    Similar to the cost, the time required to create a custom CRM solution depends on many factors and majorly on your requirements. For instance, if you plan to create a CRM using complex features and a tech stack, the time required would be more than a simple solution with a mix of features. Hence, to get an accurate estimate for your healthcare CRM software development, you can quickly fill out our form below to connect with our experts.   

    4. What services do you offer for a custom CRM solution?

    From expert consultation and MVP creation to web/app development, software development, next-gen tech integration, maintenance, testing, and even dedicated developers, we offer everything to make your healthcare CRM software development a hit. You can simply fill out our form below to know more about our offerings!  

    5. What is the role of CRM in the hospital industry?

    With CRM for healthcare, you can easily improve the quality of your patients’ healthcare services. The software helps you identify your target audience’s recent trends and behavior that you can leverage to target your services to the right people. Besides that, it also cuts down your operational cost while automating various mundane tasks of your healthcare organization.   

    6. What should I consider before implementing a custom CRM solution?

    Here’s what you need to do before implementing a healthcare CRM:  

    • Be clear with your goals  
    • Analyze the prominent use cases  
    • Know the required functionalities  
    • Identify your data sources from where CRM will pull the information  

    You can approach our experts to build your custom CRM solution with all this data.  

    7. Do you offer post-launch support?

    Yes, we offer cost-effective and reliable post-launch support to all our clients. Our post-launch services include but are not limited to:  

    • Data migration  
    • Platform migration  
    • Testing  
    • Technology updates  
    • Features addition  
    • Maintenance & support  

    8. Can you give an idea of healthcare CRM software development cost?

    Developing any custom healthcare solution undertakes many factors, and healthcare CRM software development is no exception. Before calculating the exact cost, we need to analyze many factors and your requirements such as features, technologies, development and testing method, integrations, designs, the number of resources, and much more. Hence, to simplify that, we offer free expert consultation services to validate your ideas and get an accurate estimation quickly. You can easily book a free 30-minute expert consultation for your project right away!  

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