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Matellio offers industry-specific software engineering services to help you get HIPPA-compliant electronic health record (EHR) solutions tailored to your needs. Streamline your clinical workflows, access real-time patients’ healthcare information, and enhance the care quality with custom EHR/EMR software solutions built by our experts.
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    What is

    Facilitate Timely Care while Securing Your Healthcare Data with EHR Software

    At Matellio, our primary focus is to offer you cutting-edge services that streamline your healthcare operations. Using state-of-the-art EHR/EMR software development services, we can build a solution to enhance your staff’s productivity, facilitate data security, and improve your patient care experience. Get medication tracking tools, appointment scheduling platforms, data analytics solutions, and integration services for adequate revenue and administrative operations with our experts.
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    24*7 Patient Care

    You can easily access the real-time data of multiple patients at once using different devices to offer them the best treatments.

    Invoicing & Billing
    Quick Billing

    Eliminate the tedious paperwork of your patients and centralize past and current invoices for quick billing.

    Automate Clinical Workflows

    Automate and streamline physician workflows with scheduling, task prioritization, charting, and prescribing.

    Centralized Data
    Centralized Data

    You can sync the patient data or upload it to the cloud to enable unified access across the organization.

    What Features to Include in Your EHR/EMR Solution?

    Discover innovative and user-friendly features that we can implement in your EHR/EMR Solution.
    Real time Updates
    Real-time Information

    From medical history to past prescriptions and current medical records, your doctors can access the complete information related to the patients in real-time.

    Schedule Appointment

    Allow your patients to book appointments with healthcare specialists meanwhile enabling the doctors to manage their schedules and appointments

    Task List

    Whether it's medical tests, patient's health status, rounding lists, or discharge plans, your staff can access their complete task list through a centralized system.

    Document Management

    Enable your healthcare experts to share the vital medical reports internally and externally in a secure manner.

    Billing & Invoicing

    Manage every payment initiated by your patients to the respective doctors and send them online invoices.

    Patient Care Plans

    Enable your doctors to access the current medical reports of their patients and offer them relevant care plans using a digital system.

    Custom Reports

    From patient behavior to your organization’s current analytics, you get customized reports for your healthcare organization.

    Online Prescription

    The doctors can easily share the medical prescriptions with the patients or directly with the connected pharmacy store.

    Selfcare Portal
    Self-Care Portals

    Offer the best tools to educate the patients about their health issues and enable them carry out home monitoring and self-testing.

    Looking to Add Custom Features to Your EHR/EMR Software?

    Explore what features work for your project by creating a minimum viable product without extra budget spending.
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    Our EHR/EMR Software Development Services

    Discover advanced software development services that we offer to promote growth and innovation.

    Our Success Story

    1+1 Senior Care- A Senior Caregiving Solution

    Matellio developed HIPAA-compliant digital solution comprising a mobile app for caregivers and care seekers, and a web-based administration panel for the agency’s operational team.
    Area-based Caregiver Search

    Care seekers can narrow down the searches to find the ones near to them.

    Blog Integration
    Blog Integration

    Caregivers can check the industry trends and seekers can read tips and tricks.

    Communication Dashboard
    Inbuilt Communication Framework

    Online catalog for courses featured on the website by most popular tutors.

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    MyoLift – Revolutionizing Skincare with a Digital Companion App

    Matellio’s solution included Bluetooth connectivity for device control, customizable session settings, video tutorials, and a progress tracker.
    Progress Tracker
    Progress Tracker

    Users can track every detail about their past sessions through the mobile app.

    Custom Session
    Custom Session

    Users can create a custom session by setting custom timing, lift, stretch, and vibrations.

    Video Integration
    Video Integration

    Users can follow step-by-step video tutorials uploaded on mobile apps.

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    Got This- Enhancing Mindfulness and Wellbeing through Technology

    Matellio’s solution was a comprehensive app that integrates AR technology, offers progress tracking, and provides a customizable user experience based on individual goals and preferences.
    AR Integration

    The best of EMDR psychotherapy through integrated Augmented Reality Technology.

    Progress Tracking
    Progress Tracking

    Users can check and share their progress throughout the course they are seeking.

    Form-Based Questionnaire

    Users can answer questions to customize the app based on their interests.

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    Hear the Difference We Make

    ``Matellio has finished the first version of the app, and the client is happy with the quality of their work. The team is very professional — they adhere to deadlines, follow the budget, and communicate efficiently. Also, their broad expertise allows them to handle different types of tasks and issues.``
    Chris Johnson Chief Revenue Officer, My Life Legacy
    ''Thanks to Matellio’s work, the client now has an amazing platform, and they’re close to rolling it out to over 1,000 different agencies across the US. The team is responsive and communicative, and they deliver on time and on budget. Additionally, they take ownership of projects to make them succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti
    ''The client is impressed with Matellio’s services. They’re cost-effective, and they have capabilities that are not found in the company’s previous vendors. Their project management skills are also good, and they have a wide network of resources that allows them to accomplish any task given to them.''
    Justin Labagh Owner, iPracticeBuilder
    ''Their team remained responsive and adaptable amidst changing requirements, and also created more detailed specifications which enhanced development efficiency. Their communication and timeliness were impressive, as well as their ability to promptly fix issues during testing.''
    Wei Lian CEO, Yiupai Inc
    '' The fact that Matellio treats projects as their own is outstanding; they truly want to see their clients succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti

    Other Healthcare Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Healthcare solutions which will be in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, EH7 and other regulations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you create an EHR?

    We follow an agile methodology to create your custom EHR. Our EHR development process includes:  

    • Validating your idea  
    • Offering the best features, tech-stack, and design for your custom EHR  
    • Building an MVP before development  
    • Offering the best engineers for your EHR software development  
    • Testing your EHR solution 
    • Deploying on various platforms of your choice 

    2. What are the components of custom EHR?

    The essential components of an EHR solution include:  

    • Laboratory component  
    • Radiology information system  
    • Billing system 
    • Patient management  
    • Clinical management

    3. How long does it take to implement an EHR system?

    The exact time for your EHR software development depends on many factors and majorly on your set of requirements. For instance, if you choose to develop a custom solution with complex features and design, it will surely take more time than a system with mixed features and a simple design. Hence, it is always advisable to consult our experts and analyze your requirements before the development process begins. You can fill out our consultation form to get started today!  

    4. What service do you offer with EMR/EHR software development?

    We offer a wide range of services to make your EHR software development a hit. Our services include but are not limited to:  

    • Idea validation  
    • UI/UX services  
    • MVP creation 
    • Web/app development  
    • Software development 
    • Maintenance and support  
    • Data migration 
    • Platform migration 
    • Technology updates
    • Features addition  
    • Software Testing

    5. What engagement models do you offer for hiring EHR developers?

    We offer four types of engagement models that perfectly satisfy the needs of all sorts of businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 firms. Our engagement model includes:   

    • Turnkey model   
    • Time and material-based model   
    • Dedicated developer model  
    • Custom hiring model  

    6. What is the cost associated with EHR/EMR software development?

    Like other custom healthcare solutions, EHR software development is developed as per your ideas and business requirements. In such a case, it becomes an impractical task to offer you an accurate cost before analyzing your needs. For instance, the features you select, design components, number of EHR developers hired by you, and even the app/web deployment service; everything impacts your EHR software development cost. Hence, you can easily book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts to validate your ideas and get a free quote for your project!  

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