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Get HIPPA and EPCS-compliant pharmacy management solutions from Matellio that optimize drug dispensing and medical claims management processes. Ensure profitable operations while driving digitization for your pharmacy store with our innovative healthcare software development services.
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    Digitize Your Store for Better Profits with Pharmacy Software

    Matellio brings you pharmacy software development services to facilitate digital transformation for your business. We build automated solutions that allow you to maximize your prescription reimbursement claims, drive medical adherence, and mitigate all the medication risks. You can get every detail of your products in real-time, handle prescriptions, and seamlessly manage different insurance schemes for your customers. Ensure a timely medicine delivery, and promote accurate billing with HIPAA-compliant pharmacy solutions.
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    Automated Operations

    Get online prescriptions from the doctors/hospitals or the patients automatically with their details, dosages, and refill dates.

    Easy Management
    Easy Management

    Manage your products and check for expired medicines to avoid medication issues while streamlining your inventory flow.

    Smart Chatbot
    Smart Purchase

    Get smart recommendations on the quantity to be purchased for an optimized inventory flow and zero wastages.

    Easy Monetization
    Profitable Business

    Index your drugs, and upsell the ones with a shorter expiry date to facilitate a streamlined process with maximum profitability.

    What Features to Include in Your Pharmacy Management Software?

    Explore various advanced and user-friendly features that we can implement in your pharmacy management solution.
    Manage Store
    Store Management

    Get every little detail about your pharmacy store ranging from medicines and product availability to pending payments and refill alerts.

    Add Available Drugs
    Add Drugs

    Update the available medicines on the system and share the relevant information of those drugs with your customers/healthcare experts.

    In built e-billing
    In-built e-billing

    Invoice creation & management are made easier with the software. Enter the details of billable items, & the system takes care of the rest.

    Supplier Information

    Store the details of your supplier that provides you the medicines and re-order your products with a single click on your screen.

    Inventory Management
    Stock Management

    Get the details of your stock, re-order the products with one click, manage bills, and get a purchase rate discrepancy summary.

    Reporting and Analytics
    Reporting and Analytics

    Get a detailed view of your pharmacy operations and analyze the parameters like customer demands, revenue, and inventory.

    e Prescriptions

    The pharmacy store owners can connect with hospitals or clinics to automatically get the prescription and ensure correct delivery.

    Loyalty Programs and Coupons

    Offer loyalty rewards to your valuable customers and manage all those discount coupons within a single system for easy billing.

    Patient Details
    Patient Details

    Get complete details of your patients and their concerned doctors, medicines, and insurance policy in a holistic view.

    Need More Exclusive Features for Your Pharmacy Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best pharmacy software features matching your needs.
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    Our Pharmacy Software Development Services

    Discover our comprehensive services that promote growth and innovation for your pharmacy business.

    Other Healthcare Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Healthcare solutions which will be in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, EH7 and other regulations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the time duration for developing custom pharmacy software ?

    Creating a custom solution depends on many factors and majorly on your set of requirements. For instance, the complexity of features you have chosen, testing method, and the choice of technologies, everything impacts your pharmacy management software development. Hence, you should opt for our free expert consultation service for an accurate time and cost estimation. You can fill out our form below to get started today!      

    2. What services do you offer with software development for pharmacy?

    We offer a wide range of services to make your pharmacy management software development a hit. Our services include but are not limited to:    

    • Idea validation    
    • UI/UX services    
    • MVP creation    
    • web/app development    
    • Software development 
    • Testing and QA    
    • Maintenance and support    
    • Data migration    
    • Platform migration    
    • Technology updates    
    • Features addition    

    3. What engagement models do you offer for hiring developers?

    We offer four types of engagement models that perfectly satisfy the needs of all sorts of businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 firms. Our engagement model includes:  

    • Turnkey model  
    • Time and material-based model  
    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Custom hiring model

    4. Can I customize the features and design of my pharmacy solution?

    You can customize everything in your custom pharmacy management software as per your requirements. We enable our clients to choose their choice of features, designs, and tech stack that matches their brand value. Besides that, choosing the development team on your choice of an engagement model is also possible by partnering with us for your pharmacy software development. 

    5. Do you offer post-launch support?

    We are known to offer a reliable and cost-effective post-launch support to help you eliminate any issues regarding your custom pharmacy solution. Our post-launch services include: 

    • Data migration 
    • Platform migration 
    • Technology update 
    • Features addition 
    • Testing 
    • UI/UX, and more

    6. What other custom healthcare solutions can you build?

    Right from patient monitoring modules and telehealth apps to EHR solutions, billing solutions, veterinary apps, and even ePrescription software, we can build all sorts of custom healthcare solutions that match your business needs and budget. You can quickly share your ideas to get started with your custom healthcare solution right away!    

    7. How do you create a custom pharmacy management software?

    We follow an agile methodology to create your custom pharmacy management software. our development process includes: 

    • Validating your idea 
    • Offering the best features, tech-stack, and design for your custom software 
    • Creating an MVP before development 
    • Offering the best engineers for your pharmacy management software development 
    • Testing your solution 
    • Deploying on various platforms of your choice

    8. What is the cost of pharmacy management software development?

    Like other custom healthcare solutions, pharmacy management software also undertakes many factors during its development. Hence, calculating an exact cost may become a daunting task before analyzing your requirements. For instance, the type of features you choose, technologies, third-party integrations, and even automation tools; everything impacts your overall development cost. Hence, our free expert consultation is the best way to get an accurate quote for your pharmacy management software development. You can easily book a free 30-minute consultation right away!  

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