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Enhance the productivity and focus of your legal business with a centralized case management software that keeps all project and case information in one place! Get the latest legal software development services from our skilled developers for your case management system!
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    What is

    Get Business-specific Case Management System

    Seek technological help from our experts, specifically catering to the types of legal firm you own.
    Small Law Firm
    Small Law Firm

    Accelerate your legal business by handling various case-related documents securely in a digital solution.

    Medium sized Law Firm
    Medium-sized Law Firm

    Handle multiple clients efficiently without comprising the quality of your services with litigation software.

    Large Law Firms

    Stand apart from the competitors and gain customer-trust with automated litigation software.

    Get Custom Case Management Solutions

    Handle Data of Multiple Cases Efficiently with Case Management Software

    Offer quality legal services to multiple clients parallelly by organizing all your legal case-related data and records at a central location for ease of access. Manage all the sensitive information related to a case, like a contact information, appointment history, schedule, case notes, billing information, etc. As a leading legal software development company, we aim to offer you cutting-edge case management solutions & services that can boost your legal business’ workflows & profits. From designing & prototyping to cloud-based software development & next-gen tech integration, get professional services for your case management software development.
    Talk to Consultant
    Smooth Communication
    Smooth Communication

    Streamline the communication channels to promote smooth communication with your clients and legal officers.

    Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence

    Analyze every detail of your law business with our case management software & track the progress of each case.

    Court Scheduling
    Court Scheduling

    With our efficient solutions, never miss a court date or key meetings and enhance your brand value in the law and audit industry.

    Enhanced Security
    Enhanced Security

    Keep your law business’s confidential data extremely secure while accessing them with any device of your choice.

    Distinctive Features of Custom Case Management Software

    Get a wide range of efficient features to advance your legal business with our custom case management software development services.
    Document Production
    Document Production

    Create a wide range of critical legal and in-house documents seamlessly with a predefined format to make your legal business proceedings extremely efficient.

    Data Management
    Data Management

    Keep track of every set of data and manage all your legal case-related information, including contact info, case files, and court dates, with the central storage.

    Business Development
    Business Development

    Empower your business with intelligent insights and analytics from your legal case management systems. Use these analytical data to improve your business.

    Task Management
    Task Management

    Reduce the investment of time and efforts by streamlining all your firm management tasks easily with efficient task management of your case management tool.

    Workflow Analysis
    Workflow Analysis

    Enhance your brand value by setting a work standard for your law firm with an innovative workflow analytics feature and monitoring the quality of your business.

    Text Messaging
    Text Messaging

    Coherent communication is the key to a successful business; efficiently manage your communications with clients and others with an in-built text messenger.


    Effectively manage your legal cases, schedule your appointments, court meetings, and more by syncing all the events and appointments with your calendar.

    Case Management
    Case Reports

    Manage your legal case’s process by analyzing the detailed progress reports and analytics to enhance your business standards with our case management tools.

    Data Collection
    Data Collection

    Collect all the important information related to your cases or your business from any source, such as calls, emails, SMS, etc., all in one place for better access.

    Let’s Kickstart Your Case Management Software Development

    Get in touch with our experts to discover advanced features and tech stack and a free expert consultation today!
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    Our Case Management Software Development Services

    As a leading case management software development company, we offer services that promote innovation and growth.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you develop a case management system for law firms?

    Our expert developers gather all the important data about the project development from your business goals. They include the market trends to design a robust case management software solution. Our proficient team follows an agile development methodology to develop an efficient case management tool that perfectly fits your business goals.

    2. What is the cost of developing case management software?

    Determining the cost of development of software solutions for law firms is not a simple task; our experts analyze several parameters such as features, technology, development method, number of resources, and more to get an idea about the project’s expenditures. To get an estimate of your case management software development and validate your ideas, book a 30-minute consultation call with our experts!

    3. How long will it take to develop my law firm software?

    Development of software or mobile app takes time, but it depends on the features and functionalities you want to integrate into your project. When you share your requirements with our experts, they will explain to you the dynamics of software development, analyze the project’s scope, and make suggestions to further improve your project! What are you waiting for? Book a call with our experts today!

    4. What engagement models do you offer?

    As a trusted software development company, we better understand your business needs and goals. With our flexible engagement models, you can keep your budget within the decided limit. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, our flexible engagement models the best suit your business needs. Here are our engagement models:  

    • Turnkey model   
    • Time and material-based model   
    • Dedicated developer model   
    • Custom hiring model

    5. How can I hire dedicated developers from Matellio?

    Hiring dedicated developers from Matellio is extremely easy. Our flexible process for hiring developers for your case management software development is here.  

    • Fill out our consultation form.
    • Discuss your needs and ideas with our experts
    • Hire a dedicated team of developers
    • Choose a suitable engagement model
    • Start your legal software development

    6. Is my case-related data secure with your case management software solution?

    Indeed. We make sure that all your data and your sensitive information remain secure. We sign NDAs to ensure you that none of our management members, or employees, leaks your valuable data.

    7. Can I customize my legal reports as per my convenience?

    Yes! Matellio offers an extensive range of pre-built reports to cover a wide range of your data reporting needs.

    8. Does Matellio provide development system documentation?

    Yes, Matellio delivers detailed SRS documentation, which has comments to facilitate easy comprehension. Our complete documentation is self-explanatory and in an organized flow to better understand.

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