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As a leading digital rights management development company, Matellio is your trusted partner for creating custom solutions around control distribution, digital assets’ access, protection of intellectual property, and other confidential documents.
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    What is

    Rights Management Software for Your Digital Assets

    A custom Digital Rights Management software is a bespoke solution for an enterprise to help it in setting and managing copyright protection for its intellectual properties such as eBooks, market research, training materials, reports, modules, and other confidential documents. Users can be assigned different rights and accesses to the assets as per their role and requirements. This helps in protecting the data on the go without any requirement of manual intervention. The entire workflow can be automated without any risks around data leakage, and loss of sensitive data around company and its digital assets.
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    Multiple Files Support

    The software protects all the different files from illegal access and facilitate authorized access by letting them open these through the same interface.

    Access Control

    The software must have the feature to create, manage, edit, different user roles with custom access and rights, to anytime revoke and offer files access.

    Data Protection

    Create virtual paywall around monetized content of the company to protect it from unauthorized access and redistribution.

    Data-Backed Decisions
    Centralized Management

    Manage your entire assets from a single place using a centralized dashboard integrated with all other features of DRM software.

    Features for a Robust Digital Rights Management Software

    Build a feature-rich digital rights management solution for your business’ specific needs around the right over digital assets.
    Secure Sensitive Data

    With an on-premise digital rights management software with custom features that meet your organizational needs, you better secure the sensitive data from unauthorized access.

    Track Access

    Admin of the software must always be able to seamlessly track, offer, and revoke the access to different digital assets to keep transactions consistently easy.

    Prevent Data Leakage

    With bespoke and stringent security measures, covering all loopholes since the software is built in-house, you can better prevent data leakage from the company.

    Protect Gated Content

    The software will be helpful when making any content public. It will help you protect the gated content from the non-registered users to benefit members only.

    Sharing Protocols

    The software will follow content distribution protocols including HTTPS, to further secure the transmission of data through efficient encryption on either end.

    Copyright Protection

    A DRM solution should be designed in a way to help users identify their copyrights and use and manage them according to norms of their country.

    Files Support

    Software must support various files like MP4, PDF, BMP, etc. to make it usable for all the different content teams in an organization and offer similar functions to all.


    The software must be made in a way that it can be integrated with other management tools like Digital Assest Management software.

    Media Tracking

    Admin must be given the rights to track how and when any media file is accessed, downloaded, shared, or redistributed to offer better transparency.

    Planned More Features for Your DRM Software?

    Matellio offers you complete guidance and custom development services to provide the best custom digital rights management solution.
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    DRM Software Development Services We Provide

    Leverage our services and technology to create next-gen digital rights management software solution

    Other Media and Entertainment Software Solutions that We Can Build for You

    The solutions are built to keep your assets secure while keeping their distribution seamless.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a Digital Rights Management Software?

    A digital rights management or DRM software is an IT solution for companies in the media and entertainment industry that helps businesses in protecting their intellectual rights. The system is developed to protect the valuable and monetized content of a company from illegal redistribution and modifications. The DRM tools are also designed to keep track of varied users’ access to the assets and raise an alarm whenever any suspicious activity is detected. Such complex and robust tools can only be created by a company with a reliant technology stack and teams of experienced developers. Matellio as a leading DRM software development company qualifies in both areas. 

    2. How do I develop a custom DRM software?

    To develop a custom DRM solution for your company all you need to do is hire a digital rights management software development company and relay all your specific requirements to them. This is how the process would proceed when you share your requirements with us at Matellio- 

    • Book free consultation with expert 
    • Accept free quote and the SRS for DRM software 
    • Choose an engagement model 
    • Digital rights management software’s MVP development begins 
    • MVP is tested and deployed 
    • Development of new features 
    • Maintenance and growth

    3. What different features does a DRM software offer?

    The features of a DRM software vary from one to another, based on the precise requirements of a business. Generally, these are the basic features supported by most of the digital rights management software- 

    • Content Protection 
    • Communication and File Encryption 
    • User Role Management 
    • Central Content Distribution 
    • File Usage Analytics 
    • Legacy System Integration 
    • Dynamic Watermarks 
    • Subscription Management

    4. How much does it cost to create a Digital Rights Management Software?

    The development cost for digital rights management software is quite variable and depends entirely on your requirements. To begin with, the number and complexity of the functionality of the software will decide the timeline of the project and hence will multiply the rates of the developers involved. Other than that, the integration with other third-party APIs end POS devices can also add up to the entire cost. Therefore, if you want to know the exact cost of development for your custom digital rights management software, we suggest you request a code quote from our experts with a feasibility report. 

    5. How can I hire DRM software developers from Matellio?

    At Matellio, we offer four different engagement models, and you can choose any one of them as per your preferences to hire dedicated digital rights management developers with us. 

    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based hiring model 
    • Custom hiring model

    6. Can you add more functionalities to my DRM software?

    Yes, we can. In fact, our development process is designed on the best Agile practices. This means, we complete the first deployable version of the DRM software, also known as MVP, really quick and then keep adding more to the project to make it more future-proof. To add more functionalities to an existing digital rights management software, we can either add more features to it or develop bespoke plugins that you can use to integrate the entire IT ecosystem of your media and entertainment business.

    7. What technologies do you use to develop a DRM software?

    A DRM software is a legacy IT system for a media and entertainment company, designed specifically to streamline the intellectual property rights of a company. As such, the tech stack we use is chosen on their reliability factors. Python, React, PHP, TypeScript, BootStrap, Shell, Docker, RequireJSZenDesk, Pardot, Java, CSS3, CloudFlare, C#, Go, etc. Are some of the technologies we use to develop robust DRM solutions. That being said, the tech stack majorly depends on the functionalities of the tool, and can vary from this list. 

    8. What are different rules for a DRM software?

    A DRM software is responsible for creating and implementing different rules in order to protect the copyrighted content and digital assets of a company. as such DRM software follows and exercises the legal rights of a copyright law applicable to the region where the company’s functioning. The rules will not only decide about the right to access, copy, download, or redistribute a company’s digital asset, but also the rules regarding its backup and research. 

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