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Streamline processes like claim management, payment processing, and billing cycles with an advanced revenue cycle management software by Matellio. Facilitate easy billing and revenue management operations while digitizing your healthcare brand with our cutting-edge software development services.
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    What is

    Streamline Your Billing Cycles with Tailor-Made RCM Software

    As a leading RCM software development company, we develop a HIPAA and ICD-10-compliant solution that caters to the financial needs of your hospitals and clinics. Custom healthcare RCM software unifies healthcare organizations’ businesses and clinical sides. It automates data extraction from backend sources, and other payment regulations to ensure a legally-compliant revenue process. You can quickly generate bills for your patients while managing various insurance plans for an easy revenue management.
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    Legally-compliant Operations

    Adhere to all the legal regulations, including IPC-10, HIPAA, HHS, ONC-ATCB, MU-1, MU-2, and HL-7, while making invoices.

    Quick Invoicing
    Quick Invoicing

    Track the healthcare services leveraged by your patients and send them digital invoices for quick payment.

    Patient Privacy
    Patient Privacy

    Secure your patient information, including their insurance policies, services, treatment, and medical history.

    better Management
    Better Management

    Easily manage your hospital's or clinic's finances and expenditures with algorithm based invoice calculations.

    What Features to Include in Your RCM Software?

    Explore various advanced and user-friendly features that we can implement in your revenue cycle management software.
    Scheduling and Registration
    Scheduling and Registration

    Record all the registration requests made to your hospitals and track the scheduled call of the patients with their concerned doctors.

    Insurance Validation
    Insurance Validation

    Gather all the information about your patient’s insurance and verify the eligibility quickly without tedious paperwork.

    Copay Management
    Copay Management

    You can easily validate the copayment amount covered by insurers and adjust the remainder with a custom RCM software.

    Service Management

    Keep track of all the services offered to your patients upon arrival at the hospital, including medical tests, prescriptions, etc.

    Claims Management
    Claims Management

    Find an organized database of current and past claims and securely share them with management, doctors, and insurers.

    ICD 10 Compliance
    ICD-10 Compliance

    Pre-populate your final bills by tracking the diagnoses and services opted by the patients and following the ICD-10 and CPT codes.

    Payment Processing
    Payment Processing

    Securely accept payments with credit/ debits cards or other payment methods and alert the users in case of failed payments.

    Denial Management
    Denial Management

    Organize denials based on critical signifiers like the source of denial and inform the reasons to your patients in real-time.

    Patient Details
    Patient Statements

    Store and share statements with patients highlighting the payment, owed, and insured amount for effective billing and invoicing.

    Want to Add Custom Features to Your RCM Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best RCM software features matching your needs.
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    Our RCM Software Development Services

    Explore our comprehensive services that promote growth and innovation for your healthcare organization.

    Other Healthcare Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Healthcare solutions which will be in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, EH7 and other regulations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is RCM software development in healthcare?

    RCM software development is our unique healthcare software development service that creates billing and revenue cycle management solutions for the healthcare industry. With our RCM software development service, you can quickly streamline all your copayment and revenue cycle processes while building credibility for your healthcare organization. We can even integrate all the other healthcare solutions, including patient monitoring, claim management, hospital management, and practice management solution for effective operations.   

    2. What services do you offer with RCM software development?

    From idea validation and market analysis to MVP creation, software development, dedicated developers, testing, UI/UX, and even support and maintenance, we offer a wide range of services to make your RCM software development a hit. Besides that, our dedicated RCM developers even offer data migration, technology updates, and platform migration services for your custom revenue cycle management software development.    

    3. What is the time required for developing a custom RCM software?

    After carefully evaluating your project requirements and ideas, we can offer you an exact time for your product development. The type of features you choose, the complexity of the application, scalability, number of people working on your RCM software development, and more; many factors need to be determined before evaluating your software development time. Hence, the best way is to choose our free expert consultation service to estimate your project accurately.   

    4. How do you create custom RCM software?

    We follow an agile methodology to create your custom RCM solution tailor-made to your requirements. Our development process includes:

    • Requirement gathering
    • MVP creation
    • Software development
    • Testing
    • Deployment

    5. I have ideas for my RCM software development. Can we work on it?

    Absolutely, we can work on your ideas and validate them to get started with your custom revenue management software development. Plus, we can even offer you a free analysis for your RCM software to help you make the best of your investment. Right from features to design, everything can be chosen by you for your RCM software development.

    6. What is the cost associated with RCM software development?

    Calculating the exact cost of a custom RCM solution without analyzing your requirements becomes a complex task for us. The type of features you choose, tech stack, design, number of RCM developers, hiring model, and testing method, everything impacts your RCM software development cost. That’s why we offer a free consultation to help you validate your ideas and get an accurate estimation for your project. You can easily book a free 30-minute expert consultation along with a free market analysis for your revenue cycle management software development right away! 

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