Custom e-Prescription Software Solutions
Custom e-Prescription Software Solutions
Meet the high demands of your pharmacy intuitively with a tailor-made e-RX software that has all the necessary features you need for patient-focused health care services.

What is e-Prescription Software?

e-Prescription software enables physicians to electronically generate and send a prescription order directly to the chosen pharmacy of the patient. The software offers a wide range of benefits such as lesser dosage errors, better patient safety, simplified medication workflow, and higher patient satisfaction. Leveraging EHR data to create and transmit prescriptions, e-prescription software paves the way for better interaction between medical experts and pharmacy.

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e-Prescription Software Features

Explore the features you should keep in mind during e-Prescription Software Development.

Patient Panel

Patient Panel

Details Dashboard

e-Prescription software keeps you updated about the doctors, insurance, personal details, and updated prescriptions with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Interact with Doctors

Patients can interact with doctors easily using an inbuilt chat interface and notify doctors instantly about their medicines and other treatment-related details.

Order Medicines

Patients can share e-prescriptions across with the pharmacies and order the medicines online for the doorstep delivery in a few taps.

Instant Test Report Update

Patients can upload the report of the most recent test to Prescription and have the appropriate medications immediately.

Doctors Dashboard

Doctors Dashboard

Regular Updates

From appointment alerts to medication management or other critical alerts, doctors can leverage regular updates to get instant notifications.

Known Allergies

Doctors can see all the medicinal and allergy history of the patients so that they can offer the right medicines and treatments.

Generate and Edit Prescriptions

Doctors can generate new prescriptions from the medicine database available and make changes to it as needed.

Automated Error Detection

Prescription generated by the doctors is checked by the system automatically for the range of dosages and duplicate drugs.

Pharmacist Panel

Pharmacist Panel


A comprehensive dashboard is integrated within the system to manage the pharmacy businesses easily and without any problems.

View Orders

Pharmacists will be able to view the orders placed with them and accept/ reject them as the need be, in a few clicks.

Record Management

Pharmacists can manage their records easily with this feature and also reduces the chances of errors.

Receive Payments

Pharmacy store owners can receive payments within the app, making the cycle more efficient and quicker.



Management Tools

Admins can manage various system users, including patients, doctors, and pharmacy store owners, using a single dashboard.

Manage Reviews

Admins can view the newly added reviews in the system and approve or disapprove them as needed quickly.

Payment Logs

Admins can track the payments made for various orders and access the payment logs whenever needed to ensure transparency.

Manage Information

Admins can manage the information displayed within the software and make the required changes to it whenever needed.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Some of the most promising benefits of e-prescription include enhanced patient safety, lesser medication errors, better access to patient medication records, and improve pharmacy workflow.

The cost of e-prescription services depends upon multiple factors like features, tech stack, development team, and more. For an accurate estimate of the cost to develop e-prescription software, reach out to our team to share the requirements.

Similar to the cost, time estimation to develop an e-prescription software depends on the factors mentioned above. You can share your requirements with our expert business analyst team and book your free consultation. In addition to estimating your idea, our experts help you analyze its feasibility, determine the areas of improvement, and help you deploy a solution for your organization that's best-in-class.

The opportunities are endless. For example, you can integrate the e-prescription software with an EHR system and leverage advanced functionalities like access to a patient’s medical history, medications, diagnosis, treatment plans, radiology images, immunization dates, and test results.
The best ones for you can be figured out only once you share your requirements with us.

e-Prescription software is used to generate and send a prescription to the pharmacy electronically. This would directly place an order to the pharmacy from where the store owners can manage and fulfill it.

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