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We offer specialized marketplace development services for small, medium, and large-scale business & startups who are seeking marketplace development partners. From development to maintenance, Matellio offers services for new and existing marketplaces.
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    Matellio for Marketplace Development

    As a marketplace development company, Matellio can help you in developing a feature-rich marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect. We offer multiple services for multi-vendor marketplace development that can prove to be a benefit for your business. We follow agile methodology while developing your marketplace, which makes development easy and scalable. If you are looking for a marketplace development partner, share your requirements with us and our experts will get back to you with the best quotes.
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    Marketplace for Every Niche

    We can develop and deliver Marketplaces for every niche of business. Our experience in technology and development can help you launch a successful niche-specific Marketplace Platform.

    Next Gen Solutions
    Next Gen Ready Marketplace

    Apart from traditional Marketplaces, we can develop a next-gen tech-powered marketplace that can help your customers and business with better shopping and selling experience.

    Performance First Approach

    Be it Multi-Vendor Marketplace or niche-based, our development approach focus on building a robust and secure marketplace platform that stands by traffic peaks and performance issues.

    Rich Features of a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    Explore distinctive features that we can include in your custom marketplace website.
    Two-Step Authentication

    Sellers can secure their profile logins and account changes like password change, bank account change, etc. by enabling two-step authentication from their account settings.

    Vendor Dashboard

    The intuitive dashboard will allow vendors to monitor their sales, orders, inventory, commissions, revenue, and best-selling categories without any efforts.

    Bulk Product Upload
    Bulk Product Upload

    By letting your vendors upload the product detail in bulk through next-gen and standard data formats, the platform will simplify store management for them.

    Device Authentication

    In this feature, Sellers have to register and authenticate their devices whenever they login into the seller panel from a new location and device.

    Order Management

    The sellers panel will enable them to manage orders and shipments, calculate commission and taxes, and generate labels, invoices, and receipts easily.

    Profile Management

    Vendors will be able to manage their profile and storefront details like business details, product details, campaigns, support tickets, storefront themes etc.

    Manage Vendors

    The admin will have complete control over the vendors’ profiles. They can easily manage their user rights, monitor their transactions, and manually assign packages.

    Product Approval

    The platform will simplify the process of product approval by admin by validating description fields, and automating the criteria for rejection or approval.

    Commission Management

    With an intuitive interface powered by a commission calculation algorithm, the platform will enable the marketplace admin to manage commissions easily.

    Custom Reports

    The multivendor marketplace admin can create custom finance reports segregated by sellers’ details, order dates, and statuses to calculate and generate statements.

    Auto/Manual Requests

    Marketplace admin can enable automatic or manual approval for new business registration, product listings, micro sites and fund withdrawal requests from admin panel.

    Banners & Ads Management

    Admins can enable or disable ad sections for marketplace front end and inner sections and manage seller advertisements and earnings from the panel.


    Customers will have the ability to wishlist products. This will help you improve your sellers’ engagement and conversion rates, and help you retain customers as well with custom offers.

    Reviews and Rating

    Empower your customers to review and rate products and sellers based on their services. This will help you generate UGC and improve engagement in your marketplace.

    Social Login

    Simplify onboarding for your customers by allowing them to register on your marketplace website or app through their social media account.

    Pricing Comparison

    By allowing your customers to compare prices and specifications from different vendors on similar products, the marketplace will enhance their shopping experience.

    Rewards and Discounts

    Provide your users with personalized offers which they can avail via coupon codes and direct discounts. The feature will also help to promote products better.

    Smart Recommendations

    Rich with AI-enabled algorithms, the marketplace will offer customers personalized recommendations in offers, categories, and products to enhance their experience.

    Need More Exclusive Features for Your Marketplace ?

    Connect with our experts over a free consultation to get the best features, tech stack and designs for your marketplace development.
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    Marketplace Development Services We Provide

    Wide range of professional services Matellio provides, that can help you launch an engaging marketplace platform.

    Other Retail and Ecommerce Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the difference between a marketplace and an online store?

    A marketplace is a platform where sellers and buyers meet. The marketplace is a platform where sellers can list their services or products and buyers can buy or enquire. The role of the marketplace admin is to manage and drive traffic to the platform. An online store is a platform where a business or the website owner list and sell its products

    2. Do you offer post-launch services?

    Yes, once we have developed and deployed your eCommerce platform, we will offer you maintenance and optimization services as and when required by you. We also offer documentation and training services so that when you shift your business to a newly built eCommerce platform, your team remains equipped with all the knowledge necessary to smooth the transition.

    3. Do you build Marketplace that can handle heavy traffic?

    Yes, we develop a (multi-vendor) marketplace with cloud solutions that will help you manage the traffic spikes as and when needed. Generally, the traffic maintenance and expectations are discussed beforehand, so our experts can create the most viable project plan for you. If your website is expected to receive abundant traffic from start, we will configure its cloud to handle that. However, in case you are not expecting too much traffic all the time and want to scale your website’s traffic more cost-effectively during spike seasons, we can handle that for you too. 

    4. What different engagement models does Matellio offer?

    Matellio offers four different engagement models, and you can pick anyone at your convenience. 

    • Dedicated developer model   
    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based hiring model 
    • Custom hiring model 

    5. How much does it cost to develop a Marketplace with Matellio?

    Matellio offers some of the most cost-effective marketplace development services. That being said, the exact cost of a marketplace project cannot be known unless we know the features, functionalities, and platforms it is supposed to work on. This is why we suggest you book a free consultation call with our experts and share your requirements with them. They will be then in a better position to analyze your project details and share a free quote with you. 

    6. What type of marketplace apps do you develop?

    We develop marketplace apps for buyers, sellers, and marketplace admins. Our marketplace app development services aim at developing apps that can deliver robustness and ease of access. We also offer integrations with marketplace mobile app development to expand its capabilities.

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