Warehouse Management Software Development

Invest in bespoke warehouse management software development services with Matellio to streamline your warehouse management processes including stock acquisition, storage, tracking, shipping, and staff training through a customized solution.
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    What is

    Why Warehouse Management Software for your Business?

    With a dedicated warehouse management software you can digitize all of warehouse management operations to optimize them efficiently. The software can cover wide range of functionalities including RFID tracking, task delegation, EDI communications, reporting, and analytics to streamline regular processes with better accuracy. At Matellio, we offer extensive development and consulting services for WMS solutions, including cloud-based warehouse management software development, warehouse data migration, WMS mobile solutions, WMS software optimization, ERP and IoT integrations, and more.
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    Lower Operational Cost
    Lower Operating Expenses

    Through automation and seamless flow of information about transactions and inventory will help you achieve complete operational efficiency leading to major cost savings.

    Improved Inventory Visibility

    With RFID readers, QR scanners, and other tracking sensors sending real-time updates to the centralized platform, you’ll easily avoid inventory loss, misplacements, and theft.

    Supply Chain Optimization

    Optimizing the entire supply chain becomes easy when you have a WMS software integrated with legacy systems like ERP and 3rd party logistics APIs.

    Shipment Planning
    Logistics Management

    The WMS can effectively help you plan inbound and outbound journey of inventory, which will further optimize your shipment operations.

    Features of Warehouse Management Software

    Explore the best WMS features that can ensure productivity and RoI for your retail business.
    Stock Maintenance

    Streamline stock management by overseeing inventory across SCM channels through integrating RFID trackers and ERP solutions.

    User Role Management

    Offer customization over controls and visibility access on scheduling records, tracking information, and user and inventory analytics.

    Custom Reports

    Generate custom reports on suppliers’ schedule, inventory use, task timelines, etc., to inform stakeholders with visualization.

    Labor Management

    From labor cost to task management, WMS will streamline all personnel operational tasks for improved efficiency of workforce.

    Dock Scheduler

    Simplify logistics scheduling by giving users a complete overview on inventory, consignments, and cross-docking transactions.

    Realtime Communication

    Facilitate exchange of information by allowing real time communication with 3PL and RFID tracking devices, and task comments.

    WMS Analytics

    The software will generate analytics for warehouse inventory, personnel, and transactions to help make better informed decisions.

    Data Entry Automation

    With IoT integration, the software will automate labelling, and record keeping over invoices, and retailer/supplier details.

    Easy Risk Assessment
    Risk Management

    The software will analyze operational data and generate forecasting insights to prevent wastage, overstocking, and stockouts.

    Looking for More Features for Your Warehouse Software ?

    Share your requirements with Matellio and get the utmost help with a tailored warehouse software development.
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    WMS Software Development Services we offer

    Innovative and result-oriented services for Warehouse Software Development

    Our Success Story

    Sachago – Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Courier Delivery

    Matellio’s solution included diverse product offerings, an eco-friendly delivery model, real-time GPS tracking, integrated wallet management, and distance tracking for delivery partners.
    GPS Integration

    GPS integration allows users to track their courier/parcel in real time.

    Wallet Integration

    Users can choose between various wallets for seamless payments.

    Usage Statistics

    Sachago allows users to track the total distance riders have traveled for them.

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    Hear the Difference We Make

    ``Matellio has finished the first version of the app, and the client is happy with the quality of their work. The team is very professional — they adhere to deadlines, follow the budget, and communicate efficiently. Also, their broad expertise allows them to handle different types of tasks and issues.``
    Chris Johnson Chief Revenue Officer, My Life Legacy
    ''Thanks to Matellio’s work, the client now has an amazing platform, and they’re close to rolling it out to over 1,000 different agencies across the US. The team is responsive and communicative, and they deliver on time and on budget. Additionally, they take ownership of projects to make them succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti
    ''The client is impressed with Matellio’s services. They’re cost-effective, and they have capabilities that are not found in the company’s previous vendors. Their project management skills are also good, and they have a wide network of resources that allows them to accomplish any task given to them.''
    Justin Labagh Owner, iPracticeBuilder
    ''Their team remained responsive and adaptable amidst changing requirements, and also created more detailed specifications which enhanced development efficiency. Their communication and timeliness were impressive, as well as their ability to promptly fix issues during testing.''
    Wei Lian CEO, Yiupai Inc
    '' The fact that Matellio treats projects as their own is outstanding; they truly want to see their clients succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you build a warehouse management software?

    To build a custom warehouse management software that meets your retail business’ needs perfectly, we imbue all the components of the software with standardized practices. This not only allows the team to streamline their functions, but also help them scale their processes for more optimized outputs. With AI-enabled automation, we further strengthen the accuracy and speed of your routine processes that further helps bring efficiency in your system. Since this all can be a lot to develop in one go, we take following steps to bring efficiency in our process- 

    • Market research and planning 
    • Selecting features and functionalities  
    • MVP development and deployment 
    • Software Development and Growth 
    • Deployment and Integration 

    2. What is warehouse software management system?

    A warehouse management system is a pivotal software solution that gives users an unprecedented visibility into their inventory and supply chain operations, with all information on the stock available in the warehouse and in-transit. The tool is also used to streamline multiple other warehouse tasks including delivery management, stock auditing, returns management, and order tracking etc. 

    3. What are the aspects to a warehouse management software design?

    The most important aspects of a warehouse management system or WMS that can make its design flawless are- 

    • Seamless flow of data 
    • Accessibility and inclusivity 
    • Real time tracking 
    • Returns and delivery updates  

    A WMS software with all these aspects is the surefire way to enhance the workflow of an organization efficiently. 

    4. What hiring models does Matellio offer for WMS development?

    In order to meet business needs of different organizations, in a way that suits their daily operations the most, Matellio offers four engagement models- 

    • Dedicated developer model   
    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based hiring model 
    • Custom hiring model 

    5. Can you create custom features in an existing WMS software?

    Yes. Matellio is known for their forte in designing custom enterprise solutions for businesses, and this includes the development of customized product management software. The way we accomplish this, while managing time efficiency in our projects, is by incorporating the best practices of Agile methodology in our development process. Beginning with planning both advanced and basic features of a WMS system, our experts create multiple sprints to cover all the custom features of your project, and start the project right away to create its MVP as soon as possible. We follow the same approach when you want us to add more features to your existing custom-built warehouse management system. So, unless your WMS software has vendor locks, we can add more functionalities to it through custom-built features and plugins. 

    6. What other services does Matellio offer for WMS?

    Matellio offers a range of services for WMS solutions, including but not limited to 

    • WMS Data Migration 
    • Plugin Integration 
    • RFID & Sensors Integration 
    • WMS Optimization 
    • User Experience Optimization 
    • Plugin Development 
    • ERP & EDI Integration 

    To know more about our offerings, book a free consultation session with our experts today!