Retail Order Management Software Development

Streamline the order fulfillment for your retail business by acquiring order details from multiple channels, automating supplier record management, bulk white-labelling of invoices, updating shipping details, and analysis of overall sales data by investing in an integrated order management software development solution.
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    What is

    Why Order Management Software for Your Retail Business?

    By developing your own order management software, you will bring unprecedented efficiency to your retail business’ workflow. Tailored to your specific requirements, the OMS software will consolidate orders from various sources and execute them through the pre-defined channels of your business. It will also perform all the supplemental operations specific to your business, including backorder management, drop shipments, returns management, inventory updation, warehouse management, shipping tracking, to ensure end-to-end efficiency in order fulfillment.
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    Centralized Customer Service

    With information like real-time status and stock levels available at all times, you can offer your customers a centralized platform for all support services.

    Enhanced Experience
    Omnichannel Experience

    The centralization of order fulfilment can help you offer omnichannel experience to your customers through choices in engagement & delivery methods.

    Quicker Order Fulfilment

    A dedicated system with seamless data flow and RPA-based optimization will quickly fulfil more order in less time and greater accuracy.

    Workflow Management
    Easier Supply Management

    With an integrated order management system, you can streamline your supply sourcing and record management through automation.

    Features of Order Management Software

    Exclusive features for a robust order management system software to streamline retail order fulfillment.
    Order Orchestration

    Order Orchestration

    Generate order, initiate fulfilment, create invoice and shipping labels, and track delivery all from one place for simplified workflow management.

    Returns Management

    Returns Management

    Manage customer service returns and refunds in one place. This will simplify retrieval of all the relevant information for your customer service team.

    Sales Report

    Custom Reporting

    Gather sales, customer, and purchase order details from multiple locations and analyze it to accurately forecast demand and make better policies.

    Multiple Store Support

    Multiple Store Support

    Track and fulfil orders from all your sales channels and manage them in one place for easier analytics and record keeping purposes.

    Special Order Creation

    Special Order Creation

    Process custom orders with a OMS software that streamlines material acquisition, inventory management, and PO generation automatically.

    Credit & Discount Management

    Credit & Discount Management

    Equip your OMS with tools to automate credit and discount management when processing orders with user tokens.

    Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    Monitor and control all your sales data in a centralized repository to eliminate inconsistent data and improved overview analytics.

    Online Payment

    Online Payment

    Automate payments with your OMS to reduce errors, prevent order fulfillment without full-settlement, and manage reimbursements easily.

    Drop Shipping Integration

    Manage all you drop-shippers to automate commission calculation and rewards system with an intuitive interface.

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    Order Management Solutions Matellio Develops

    Innovative and Result-oriented Services for Order Management Software Solutions
    A-la-carte OMS

    Get order management system modules, which you can integrate with your legacy system to get a seamless experience.

    On-site OMS Software

    A custom on-site OMS solution, integrated with other on-premise legacy systems can upgrade the fulfillment processes.

    SaaS OMS Model
    Cloud based OMS

    With a cloud-based OMS you will get all the benefits of an on-site OMS, plus the advantages of SaaS technology.

    OMS Mobile App

    Securely manage, track and analyze orders from mobile devices, remotely or on-premise with our OMS mobility solutions.

    Want to know which solution will be perfect for your business?

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    Custom Integrations for Enhanced OMS Functionalities

    Returned Inventory Optimization
    Warehouse System

    With a WMS embedded with the order management solution, you can easily manage the orders and automate inventory updates, track expiry details, and optimize budgets with demand forecasting.

    Warehouse Management
    Sales Channel

    Integrate your eCommerce, offline stores, and multi-vendor marketplaces with your OMS software to automatically generate order entries in the system and process it with the least human intervention.

    ERP Software

    Streamline order to cash processing and bring unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in your order fulfilment workflow by integrating the finance and accounting systems of your enterprise with the OMS.

    3rd Party Logistics
    3P Logistics

    Optimize your logistics for both purchase and sales orders by integrating third party transportation service providers with your OMS. This way you can compare shipping rates and track shipments in real time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does Matellio have any experience in building custom solutions for the retail industry?

    Yes. Matellio holds enough experience in developing top-notch mobile apps and websites for multiple clients of different domains including retail.

    2. Who am I going to interact with during the software development phase?

    We will assign a dedicated project manager (PM) who will serve as the guide during the development phase. 

    3. What is retail order management system?

    It is a software that enables retailers, and eCommerce sellers to track their orders from multiple channels including physical stores, self-service POS kiosks, social media shops, and eCommerce and help them automate the fulfillment process. Integrated with other ERP solutions including accounting management, shipping tracking, communications management, customer relationship management, invoicing, etc., the tool can help streamline many other processes associated with sales and supply chain.

    4. Is OMS an ERP software?

    An ERP or enterprise resource planning is a category of software that automates business processes like supply chain, accounting, etc. and draw insights from data collected in the meanwhile. An OMS is specific software that is particularly built to manage orders.

    5. What order lifecycle functionalities can be automated by Order Management Software?

    A robust order management system can automate multiple tasks in order orchestration and fulfillment, including-

    • Fetching order details from, multiple channels
    • Importing relevant information for labeling and invoicing.
    • Automate returns and refunds.
    • Update records and send notifications for the most recent order status.
    • Evaluate and optimize packaging and shipping.
    • Streamline delivery processes.

    6. What type of information does an OMS process?

    A retail order management software uses multiple sources like social media accounts, offline stores, eCommerce, etc., to fetch order related information like-

    • Customer ID, name
    • Shipping address
    • Product name, category
    • Order total, and individual product price
    • Credit or exclusive discount associated with customers
    • Discounts associated with products or category
    • Additional details like custom enhancements, etc.

    7. Can you make an OMS that helps my customers track their orders?

    Matellio is adept at building custom order management software that makes life easier for both the sales and customer relationship teams. By integrating the shipping carriers with your OMS system, we will enable your support team to always be cognizant of the live status of the orders. They can then share the information with your customers. We can also integrate your eCommerce store with the OMS software enabling your customer too track their orders by themselves too. the software can also have facilities to automate email and SMS updates whenever there is a change in the latest status of the product tracking.

    8. How can I hire developers from Matellio for my OMS project?

    In order to meet your specific business requirements in ways that fit your workflow the best, we have streamlined 4 different engagement models through which you can hire developers or avail our development services.

    • Dedicated developer model
    • Turnkey model
    • Time and material-based hiring model
    • Custom hiring model