Custom Retail CRM Software Development

Develop a robust retail CRM software to automate customer support and enhance the customer journey with your brand. An advanced retail CRM software can leverage analytics to strengthen operations, and customer services, to then eventually enhance trust and loyalty towards your business.
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    Why CRM Software for Retail and eCommerce Businesses?

    A customer relationship management software developed by Matellio will incorporate all the elements to help you offer exceptional customer support. From post-sale services to lead nourishment, the software will streamline the entire customer journey for an improved satisfaction rate. Embedded with AI tools, CRM software can also help you increase cross-selling opportunities.
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    Reduce Acquisition Cost

    Improve support services with a dedicated software to improve repeat business, minimizing acquisition cost per customer.

    Improve Customer Journey

    Increase customer satisfaction rate as you streamline pre-sales and post-sales support with the retail CRM software.

    Cut-Down Churn Rate

    Minimize your customer churn rate as you handle all their grievances in the quickest turnaround time through an optimized workflow.

    Improve Brand Positioning

    Make your customers brand ambassadors as they spread word about your exceptional services.

    Features of CRM Software for Retail & eCommerce Industry

    Feature-rich retail CRM software to construct a holistic approach towards building lasting customer relationships

    Customer Database

    Store and collect all the customer-related data in a centralized location for smooth client interactions rich with personalization.

    Quote Management

    The quote management functionality helps in the management of details related to the quotes given to customers.

    Analytics and Reports

    With AI, the feature will aid in forecasting sales patterns and determining customer behavior with the powerful BI dashboards.


    Deals & Pipeline Management

    The functionality records and organizes all leads through your sales funnel & assign them to different pipelines & team members.


    Marketing Automation

    Helps your marketing teams by automating campaigns optimization, personalized messages broadcasting, and contextualizing the content.

    Customer Segmentation

    Gathers and analyzes customers’ preferences and demographic data to segregate buyer personas and refine your campaigns.

    Customer Behavior Analysis

    Tracks customer behavioral patterns to reveal their buying habits and then optimize their user experience for improved conversion rates.

    Sales Lead Tracking

    Sales lead tracking tool tracks the data of all the potential customers and determines different sales opportunities at every step of funnel.

    Document Management

    Allows an easy access to all the business documents, so your team can access it anytime with simple and smart search facilities.

    Looking for More Features for Your Retail CRM Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best CRM Software features matching your needs.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What retail businesses can use CRM solution ?

    • Department stores  
    • Discount stores  
    • Malls  
    • Warehouse Stores  
    • Specialty Stores  
    • Supermarket  

    2. Is there any contract before you step into the development phase?

    Yes, we will sign a contract with you to ensure complete transparency in our processes . 

    3. How can CRM improve my retail business process?

    A CRM software can automate multiple routine operations for your retail business. The software can streamline your team’s marketing, sales, and support efforts to optimize your customer experience seamlessly. This will in-turn enhance their satisfaction rate which will eventually lead to improved repeat business and easy acquisition of new customers via referrals.  

    4. Can you integrate CRM software with other legacy systems?

    Yes, we offer bespoke integration services with CRM, so you can get a more holistic view of your business for improved business workflow. We even help businesses in automating their routine processes by deeply embedding various legacy systems with each other, to facilitate easy flow of data for improved accuracy and turnaround time.  

    5. How long would it be before you start the development?

    Once you share your business requirements with us, our team will start the development process immediately.  

    6. What are the engagement models offered by Matellio?

    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Turnkey model
    • Time and material-based hiring model
    • Custom hiring model  

    7. Do you offer post-launch services?

    Yes, at Matellio you will get complete post-launch support for your custom CRM software. Be it maintenance, software training, security assurance, or post-launch improvements, Matellio ensures that the software gets implemented in your organization sans any friction.

    8. Can you help me migrate my data to new CRM software?

    Yes, Matellio offers dedicated data migration services and you can avail them to migrate your data from spreadsheets and old CRM systems to your new on-premise or cloud-based CRM software

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