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Get customized retail accounting software solution for your business to track cash-flow information in real-time, manage your inventories, and run your routine transactions more efficiently. Matellio excels in developing bespoke solutions for invoicing and stock management for retail businesses.
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    What is

    What a Accounting Software Will Do for Your Retail Business?

    An accounting software, custom-designed for your retail store will help you gain better visibility into your day-to-day business with a holistic approach towards company finances. The software can be built to handle a large number of transactions in less time. The accounting software can also automate invoicing and stock management so your team can have real-time insights on the store’s inventory and help your customers most efficiently for an improved brand experience.
    Improved Efficiency

    By automating transactions, payment, order fulfilment, and inventory updates, the software can improve operational efficiency.

    Prevent Human Errors

    The software can automate transactions in the system to minimize human interaction and improve accuracy.

    Computerized Invoices

    Generate instant computerized invoices that calculate taxes, credits, and rebates automatically, to efficiently eliminate paperwork.

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Integrated accounting software for retail store can connect all the variables to generate insights on transactional data.

    Features for a Robust Accounting Software Solution

    Make your accounting operations smooth with a feature-rich custom retail accounting software.
    Multi Currency

    Multi-currency Billing

    Expand your business through cross-border trade and calculate gains and losses by facilitating accounting across multiple-currencies.

    Credit Monitoring

    Control credit limits, manage store credits, and send automatic reminders to customers to control customer debts effectively.

    Purchase Orders

    Create purchase orders directly from the software and attach them to bills to automate order fulfilment and status tracking.


    Tax Solutions

    Simplify the tax filing process for your store’s sales and services and comply with the provisions of Income Tax law.

    Banking Reconciliation

    With this feature, you can easily link your bank account with your software to transfer funds and without any delays.

    Cash Flow Tracking

    Manage cash flow by accepting transactions for both sales and purchase online and track the flow automatically without manual inputs.


    Barcode Management

    Create and organize unique barcode of products within the software to facilitate invoicing and automated inventory management.

    Discounts & Schemes

    Simplify application of complex discounts and schemes to automate the order calculation and print invoices quickly.

    Reorder Management

    Manage reorders by simply fetching data from integrated order management module and make a repeat entry in the software without efforts.

    Looking for a Feature Rich Custom Accounting Software ?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best Accounting Software features matching your needs.

    Custom Accounting Software Solutions Matellio Develops

    Make your accounting operations smooth with a feature-rich custom retail accounting solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the phases of retail accounting software development?

    For any custom software development, we usually have four phases: 

    • Consultation and Research
    • Designing and Planning
    • Prototyping and Development
    • Deployment and Support 

    2. Can you migrate all my existing data to a new accounting software?

    Absolutely, we can help you import all your crucial financial data from your existing system to the accounting software. However, as sometimes the data is so vast that it may take more time than normal. Hence, our experts firstly evaluate your data and then provide best ways to import that data

    3. What is e-commerce integration?

    eCommerce integration is the link between the e-commerce site of your retail outlet and your accounting software solution. With ecommerce integration, the data from your online store like inventory status, payment information, product availability directly goes into your inventory and accounting management system. All that results in an automated data capturing and management process. 

    4. I want to run retail accounting software on my iPad. Will it work?

    Yes, it will work. These days most of the retailers are leveraging mobile based applications that are not only feasible for them but also for their customers. Hence, you can either use a web-based accounting software, or can develop a feature-rich mobile application to run accounting software on your desired mobile platform. 

    5. Do you make accounting software for small businesses?

    Matellio as a trusted software solution provider works with businesses of all scales and verticals. We excel in developing custom retail accounting solutions that meet the exact needs of your business.

    6. What are the engagement models offered by Matellio?

    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Turnkey model
    • Time and material-based hiring model
    • Custom hiring model  

    7. How much does it cost to develop a retail accounting software?

    Typically, an accounting software can cost you anywhere between 20,000 USD to a million US dollar. The exact price depends on the features, functionalities, and platform of the software on which you would want to run it. Additional considerations like location of development, timeline of the project, integration needs, etc. also play crucial role in the calculation of the exact development cost. To know the exact estimate, you can request a free quote from our experts today! 

    8. Can you integrate my accounting software with payment gateway?

    Yes, our developers can integrate your choice of payment channels with your accounting software to enable payment processing directly with one system, eliminating lots of paperwork and automating many finance-related processes. 

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