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A rewards and loyalty software helps retail businesses in improving repeat sales, profit per customer, and brand recognition. Matellio as a leading rewards and loyalty software development company excels in building such custom software and applications.
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    How Rewards and Loyalty Software Can Help Your Retail Business?

    A rewards and loyalty software can then help retail business in improving repeat sales, average profit per customer, and brand recognition. Be it an ecommerce, multi-chain stores or an individual proprietorship, the software can offer numerous benefits. Matellio as a leading rewards and loyalty software development company excels in building such custom software and applications.
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    Acquire & Retain Customers

    The software will facilitate loyalty & rewards programs, eventually helping your business to acquire and retain more customers.

    Improve Brand Positioning

    The more your customers interact with your brand to avail loyalty rewards the more your brand positioning will improve.

    improve Engagement
    Improve Engagement

    You can easily improve customer engagement with your brand by offering them automated personalized loyalty rewards.

    Increase Customer Loyalty

    Gain loyal customers that stay with your business as brand ambassadors and keep them motivated by targeted offers.

    Features of Rewards & Loyalty Software

    Explore the best Rewards & Loyalty software features that can ensure engagement and RoI for your retail business.

    Rewards Management

    Streamline customer engagement and rewards distribution through the loyalty software to offer a rewarding and personalized experience.



    Make your rewards and loyalty offers more exciting by equipping them with gamified elements for improved customer engagement.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Collect information through behavioral insights and analyze them to generate business reports to create data-driven offers.


    Subscription Model

    Offer valuable rewards to your customers as they subscribe to your loyalty program to put them at the core of your brand’s USP.


    Campaign Management

    Create and deliver data-driven campaigns directly from the software to communicate the brand message seamlessly with every offer


    One Click Promotions

    Create bespoke playbook campaigns to push well-segmented promotional offers to your customers with just a few clicks.


    Cashback Management

    Elevate your brand’s value and attract new customers by offering well-managed and personalized cashback offers to your customers.


    Referral Management

    Accelerate your customer acquisition by rewarding your registered customers for inviting more people to your brand’s business.


    Customer Profiling

    Create customer profiles based on data collected from your loyalty and rewards platform to serve them with personalized offers.

    Looking for More Features for Your Rewards & Loyalty Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best features matching your needs.
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    Rewards and Loyalty Software Services Matellio Provides

    Explore varied solutions and services Matellio offers for Rewards and Loyalty Software.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should I hire Matellio for the development of my loyalty software?

    Apart from holding 20 years of expertise in software development, Matellio has-

    • Cost-effective development services
    • Round-the-clock team availability
    • Constant support and maintenance
    • 4.9 ratings on Clutch
    • Certified engineers in the team

    2. Does Matellio operate as per the clients' time zones?

    Our team ensures round-the-clock availability during every phase of development. You can always contact them by following our communication standards, and the team shall get back to you regardless of the time zone you are in. 

    3. What are the phases of developing a loyalty and reward application?

    For any custom software development, Matellio follow the following stages: 

    • Consultation and Research
    • Design and Planning
    • Prototyping and Development
    • Deployment and Support 

    4. Can you make ios and android mobile app for admin and users?

    Yes, we can do that. Our team of developers will build both the applications and help in ensuring a seamless connectivity between both.

    5. Does Matellio provide post-launch support?

    Matellio provides one-month free post-launch support and maintenance. Clients can purchase flexible support and maintenance packages once the free support ends.

    6. How can a loyalty application help my business?

    For every business, improving customer loyalty and decreasing attrition rate are among the major KPIs to measure its success. To improve both these factors customer loyalty programs have been playing crucial roles for many brands for many years now. Having an application or software solution to manage such loyalty and rewards programs can help streamline the process and create a more holistic approach for the entire marketing team to take. 

    7. How long does it take to build a loyalty & rewards software?

    Generally, it takes two to five months to create software solutions for loyalty and rewards programs. However, this period can easily decrease and even increase more depending on the features and functionalities of your app. You should book a direct consultation with our experts to know the exact timeline for your project. 

    8. What are different engagement models Matellio offers?

    In order to meet your specific business requirements in ways that fits your loyalty programs and the general business workflow the best, we offer four different engagement models through which you can hire developers or avail our development services. 

    • Dedicated developer model
    • Turnkey model
    • Time and material-based hiring model  
    • Custom hiring model 

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