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Manage your retail business’ processes like accounting, stock management, POS, logistics, ERP, and CRM with tailored eCommerce integrations services.
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    Why eCommerce Integration Services for Your Business?

    Matellio offers eCommerce Integration services that bridge the back-end ERP (inventory and accounting) system with your business’ front-end web store. The seamless connection enables a bi-lateral flow of data between different systems. This means once data is entered, either manually or through sensors into a system, the processed information will immediately be relayed to others. In the absence of an integrated solution, your team and customers would be left with a disconnected experience and inconsistent data at every touchpoint. With a custom-built eCommerce integration solution, you can solve the issue and usher in efficiency connecting your business’ marketing, finance, sales, and customer management operations.
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    Data Insights
    MarTech with Data Insights

    Equip your marketing team with seamless flow of real-time data, historical data, and derived insights for optimal targeting.

    data migration
    Data and System Migration

    We'll audit your existing eCommerce platforms and help migrate your data to a new and the best-fitted solution.

    Maintenance Management
    Growth, Maintenance, & Redevelopment

    Scale your eCommerce operations with digitization, integration, automation, analytics and custom journey optimization.

    Workflow Management
    Workflow Optimization

    Matellio will help you in mapping the workflow of your eCommerce business to align it with the business goals.

    Essential eCommerce Integration Solutions

    Get Custom eCommerce Integration Solutions essential for your business workflow.
    ERP Integration
    ERP Integration

    With our custom integration services in ERP tools, you can easily facilitate real-time system updates and get quicker overview of your resources’ status with every eCommerce transaction.

    Social Media Integration
    Social Media Integration

    Get more customers on your store, and interact with them through our social media integration services that will connect you with them whenever they think of a product like yours.

    Integrated Payment Gateway
    Integrated Payment Gateway

    Build a secure environment for your users to make a purchase from your online store by integrating it with well-configured payment gateway channels of all popular payment services.

    CRM Integration
    CRM Integration

    Strengthen your customer relationship from acquisition to retention by offering them personalized omnichannel experience that gets better with each transaction.

    embedded email marketing
    Embedded Email Marketing

    We integrate your eCommerce solution with your email marketing toolkit to automate its workflows for improved day-to-day communication that nurtures leads and offer better analytical insights.

    3rd party integration
    3rd Party API Integration

    We offer dedicated services in 3rd party API integration so you can create a seamless experience for your customers while enhancing their time on your website with additional services.

    Integrated Accounting Software
    Integrated Accounting Software

    By integrating your accounting software with your eCommerce store and the payment channels, you can automate many of your sales record-keeping with improved efficiency and accuracy.

    Inventory Management Plugins
    Inventory Management Plugins

    With inventory management plugins integrated with your online shop, you can streamline the maintenance of your stock raising supply requests, and updating OOS statuses with no delays.

    Shipping Add-ons
    Shipping Add-ons

    We partner with all the leading logistics services provider to integrate our ecommerce development services with shipping plugins that facilitate real-time tracking of orders for customers.

    POS Integration
    POS Integration

    Automate your inventory records by integrating your POS system with the eCommerce solution through feature-rich APIs that free your team from manually managing orders and refunds.

    CMS Integration
    CMS Integration

    From product description and web content to engaging blogs, we integrate your eCommerce with bespoke CMS solution so you can enrich your online store with converting content easily.

    Warehouse Management APIs
    Warehouse Management APIs

    Enable omnichannel retailing with integrated warehouse management system and ecommerce solution, so you can streamline fulfilment processes with better accuracy and efficiency.

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    Integration Solutions to Grow Your eCommerce Business

    Robust Features of Integrated eCommerce Development Solution

    Easy Payment

    Enable your customers to make payment for their purchases by integrating your online store with all the popular payment options of the time.

    Swift Checkout

    With options like guest and one-step cart checkout for the registered members, you can help your users to place order from your website efficiently.

    Intuitive Categorization

    We develop intuitive interface for the admin to help them create neat categories and upload products in them with easy-to-search features.

    Marketing Management
    Effective Marketing Placement

    Through customization features, we effectively enable your marketers to customize products, categories, and offers on the website, to facilitate their tactics.

    Shipment Planning
    Flexible Shipping Options

    Your team will have the ability to automate shipping charges based on custom rules, helping them to implement local charges and membership discounts easily.

    Data Analytics
    Analytical Abilities

    By configuring your eCommerce store with analytical abilities, you can offer more personalized deals to your customers and build predictive model for stock maintenance.

    Improved Customer Loyalty

    By leveraging our back-end features for offering facilities like personalized products, exclusive discounts, easier checkout, you can easily retain and grow your customer base.

    Stocking Management
    Efficient Stock Management

    By integrating inventory management system and sending constant real-time updates of every sale with your eCommerce store, you can automate the replenishment of inventory.

    Looking for an eCommerce Integration Company?

    Our custom solutions in retail industry encompasses all services required by your eCommerce company.
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    Other Retail and Ecommerce Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What different integration services you offer for eCommerce solution?

    Matellio offers complete and custom ERP and 3rd party API integrations services to create a seamless experience for your team and customers alike.  

    • ERP integration
    • Inventory management
    • Payment gateway integration
    • Accounting software
    • Social media integration
    • Email marketing
    • Logistics tracking, etc. 

    2. Can you create plugins for my existing eCommerce software?

    Yes. If your existing software has the provision for integration, we will create custom plugins for it that offer a better overview of all the related aspects of your business. 

    3. How do I hire eCommerce development and integration experts from Matellio?

    In order to solve your retail business requirements that also meet its workflow and executive’s preferences, Matellio offers four different engagement models, and you can choose any of them to hire our developers and tech experts. 

    • Dedicated developer model  
    • Turnkey model  
    • Time and material-based hiring model  
    • Custom hiring model 

    4. Why is eCommerce integration important?

    eCommerce integration is an important procedure to keep your online store updated with the latest features that meet contemporary needs. without integrating your website with newer functionalities, it can quickly become outdated. Additionally, even if your eCommerce website has just recently been developed with all the next-gen features, you still need to integrate it with your ERP systems, inventory management software, CRMs, etc. to offer an omnichannel experience to your team for better management of bottlenecks and automate various supply chain processes.

    5. What is eCommerce integration?

    eCommerce integration is the process of joining various back-end systems of a retail business with its eCommerce store. Here are some of the tools that you may want to integrate with the eCommerce website to leverage the power of workflow streamlining and automation.

    • Payment Gateway
    • ERP and Accounting
    • Content Management System
    • CRM platforms
    • Fulfillment Process Tools
    • Shipping Carriers

    6. Will eCommerce integration slow down my website?

    Not at all. By integrating your website’s backend with your business toolkit through reliable APIs you can, in fact, improve the efficiency of your eCommerce business’ processes. By offering your staff an omnichannel experience for various processes and automating many of them you can improve the turnaround time of features like order payment, tracking, ticket resolution, etc., with absolute ease.

    7. How much does it cost to integrate POS, CRM, and ERP systems with your eCommerce store?

    The development and integration cost of the ERP/CRM/POS APIs depends upon multiple considerations, including the functionalities needed, the complexity of user roles, data storage and processing technologies to be used, number of siloed solutions to integrate, etc. Since there are way too many variables involved, the best way to calculate the precise cost of eCommerce integration is by requesting a free quote from eCommerce integration service companies.

    8. How do you integrate an eCommerce website?

    We integrate eCommerce websites with new and useful functionalities by using one or more of the given ways-

    • Integration through existing plug-ins
    • Embed legacy systems with eCommerce store
    • Build tailored features and add them to the online store
    • Embed code to enhance functionalities of existing features
    • Add code to header files for analytics and smart solutions

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