Store Management Software
Store Management Software
Store Management Software helps in automating your stock management and ensure a proper utilization of the resources.

What is Store management Software?

Store Management Software helps in an easy maintenance of supply and consumption of your store. The software tracks the required inventory and items which are required in your store. The main motive of this solution is to ensure that the adequate amount of stock is placed in the store. It is designed for bringing efficiency and control in the store functions. Also, it helps in planning the day-to-day activities of your store coupled by a proper resource utilization.
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Store Management Software Development Expertise

Attendance Management Solutions

Attendance Management Solutions

Keep a track of the employees’ daily attendance by availing the powerful store management solution.

Attendance Management and Record Keeping

Helps in the shift scheduling from remote locations.

Employs Biometric Attendance devices for the records.

Regular Employee Payroll Management.

Sales & Profit Solutions

Sales & Profit Solutions

The store management solution can be customized with respect to the sales and profits made by the store.

Automatic Billing systems and Labelling

Barcode reading scans the items of stock

Records the products for sales management

A customized solution as per the needs.

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory is an integrated part of the store management software as it enhances the efficiency of store operations.

Total control over the stock management

Unparalleled store efficiency for improved performance

Allows better and informed data driven decisions.

Offers a clear insight into the supply chain.

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Custom Store Management Services


Auto-Cloud Backup

The data is stored in the cloud for an easy accessibility from all the locations. It also acts as a backup whenever needed.


Track Replacement

The store management software sends automatic alerts whenever some products need a replacement or repair quite easily.


Multi- Locations

Keep an eye on your stock irregardless of the location it is placed, and control all of its operations for easy management.


Barcode Management

Encode all the information of your products in barcodes as it helps in a quick and accurate tracking of the store items.


Purchase Planning

The stock management software facilitates planning of purchases using different MIS reports which helps in saving money.


Quality Control

Check the product quality before you let it into your store and stock it. It will minimize the rejection rate of products.


Expiry management

Have a track of the item’s expiry date. This way the unused items can be returned to the supplier before the product expires.


Track your Sales

Track the sales data of your product through Google Maps. Filters like Route, Date, Company, make the whole process easier.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Matellio holds enough experience in developing top-notch mobile applications and websites for multiple clients of different domains including retail.

Yes, our certified development teams help in building custom solutions specially designed for SMEs and startups. We have worked with hundreds of startups and understand their specific requirements.

Matellio’s core area of expertise includes mobile and web app development. We enable our clients to employ the latest technologies to take their brands online via web or mobile. Some of these technologies include:
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud technology
  • Big data
  • Internet of things
  • Embedded technologies
  • Machine learning

Yes. Generally, the known cloud-based service providers invest a lot in developing secure solutions which keeps their clients’ data safe. Hence, it is essential that you choose a trustworthy cloud service provider that avails data encryption (SSL certification) while developing a solution.

Matellio has certified project managers, who have been working in this industry for many years from now. We will allot your project to an experienced project manager, who will oversee all the aspects of your solution and make sure that all quality standards are met as per expectations.

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