Dedicated Developer Model


Dedicated developer model is a type of business engagement model that enables the business to hire professionals on a full-time or part-time basis. This model is majorly popular owing to its value to the clients who seek professional IT tea to build a website, mobile app, or software. This is primarily due to its cost-effectivity and efficient time utilization.

When Should You Opt for Hiring a Dedicated Developer?

Developing software for your business is not easy. You need to take care of an array of things, and the process gets all the more intimidating if you are unclear with your requirements. To help innovators in such scenarios, Matellio enables you to hire dedicated resources for your project.

Project Scope is Unclear

The dedicated resource hiring model suits the projects for which scope is likely to change over a period of time.

Long-term Projects

If you are not sure about the time required to complete the project, hiring dedicated resources will be the best alternative available.

Clients Need Flexibility

Dedicated developer model is also the best fit for the businesses that require more flexibility over time and have varying workload.


What Does Dedicated Developer Hiring Model Offer?

We offer client-centric and flexible dedicated hiring options, including full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring. Our resources extend their technical expertise, experience and time-tested acumen to deliver best-in-class services along with various advantages.

  • Cost-saving up to 40%
  • Flexible development timings
  • Advanced tracking tools

Enterprise development is tedious and successful deployment goes through multiple stages. Hiring a dedicated developer can manage to look in each and every development stage. Matellio extends its extensive range of services where brands can leverage the skills and decade-long experience of our experts on the dedicated developer model.

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