Product Management Software
Product Management Software
A customizable product management software facilitating easy creation of the product roadmaps.

What is Product Management Software?

Product Management is a procedure that emphasizes on launching a new product in the market or creating an existing one. The process begins with the product ideation phase, and ends upon the evaluation of the success of the product. The product management process combines product development, business, sales, and marketing department. A product management software helps in the process of product management with the help of advanced technologies.
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Product Management Software Development Expertise

Workflow Management System

Workflow Management System

Our certified software developers can help you develop advanced workflow engines to simplify your business operations and collect product information from multiple sources.

Content Integration System

Data Governance Modules

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Tasks Monitoring System

WPIM Data Modelling System

PIM Data Modelling System

We, at Matellio, build scalable data types to help you handle vast amounts of valuable data and product information efficiently with multiple attributes.

Data Management System

Multi-lingual Data Editing Modules

Auditing and Versioning System

Configurable Dashboard

PIM Integration Services

PIM Integration Services

Our expert programmers enable you to efficiently integrate powerful and flexible third-party software applications to help you enhance your workflow operations.

Data Exporting Module

Catalogue Management System

CRM Software Integration

ERP Software Integration

WareDigital Asset Management System

Digital Asset Management System

Manage all your critical assets and categorize your unstructured content and databases by leveraging our expert asset management system services.

Data Management System

Attractive Content Interfaces

Meta-data Management Modules

Localized Asset Management System

Product Management Software Solutions

Product Management Software Solutions

Consolidate product information from various sources like databases, ecommerce, spreadsheets, etc. and organize your data in a more efficient manner.

Smart Searching Tools

Product Information System

Product Data Management

Sales Management Module

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Custom Product Management Software Services


User Insights

It helps in highlighting important pointers obtained from user feedback. Link them to the designed feature-kit. For every feature, see who all have requested for that attribute.


Product Objectives

Set clear objectives and prioritize features aligning with your strategy. Group the feature set and create a roadmap to deliver specific outcomes for a refined product.


Strategic Drivers

Define strategic criterios for making prioritization decisions. Visualize how the features are supporting company objectives and value of a product and find the most promising ones.


Prioritization Score

Calculate a weighted score of all the features. Determine how well they align with the strategic drivers. Sort the ones aligning with the objectives and generate output.


Feature Voting-Kit

Publish your selected ideas to the public Portal for collecting feedback and upvotes from users. Gather new ideas, and unleash user’s insights you might have not planned in earlier stages.


Competitive Analysis

Score your feature kit depending upon how well they compete in the market. Filter your competitors based on the features for attracting users who were likely to adopt the other product.


Team Roadmap

Share the roadmap with your team and check out their feedback. You can even consider exporting the roadmap to PDF for sharing it with people outside of your circle, or say organization.


Customized Boards

It will aid in managing information which is needed for making decisions during all the stages of the product management process. A drag-and-drop board comes handy in the whole process.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

The software development life cycle of Matellio is as follows:
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  • Development
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  • Updation

Once the client shares their requirements, our team will start the development

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Yes, we do offer marketing services.

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